Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor Walkthrough

The Isle of Armor is an exciting new area for expansion pass owners in Pokemon Sword and Shield. In this...

The Isle of Armor is an exciting new area for expansion pass owners in Pokemon Sword and Shield. In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor walkthrough, we’ll be giving you a detailed walkthrough regarding the area, and how you can get your own personal Kubfu, and build an unbreakable bond with it along the way.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor

The DLC isn’t exactly accessible by everyone, so before you start thinking about how cool a Kubfu would look in your roster, make sure you at least have access to the new Isle of Armor area by owning the expansion pass.

Accessing the Isle of Armor
Once you’ve captured your first Galarian Slowpoke, it’s time for you to make your way to the Wedgehurst station and talk to the attendant, who will then take you to the new location after taking your ticket from you.

You will finally arrive on the new island with exciting new Pokemon! The scientist will update your Pokedex to include all the new Pokemon.

She will reward you upon completing the rest of the Pokedex.

After a short while, your rival should arrive (Klara or Avery).

When you’re ready to square off against them, simply head outside. You’ll be fighting against the following Pokemon.

  • Galarian Slowpoke (Level 60)
  • Venipede (Level 58)
  • Abra (Level 58)

Defeating your rival’s Pokemon will reward you with a Style Card, which will unlock various new clothes for you at your local boutique store.

After the fight, you’ll have complete freedom to explore the island as you’d like!

The Master Dojo
To continue with the DLC’s story you are going to want to take a left from the station and go along the beach.

Follow the path up until the manor, when you reach the bridge, the Hiker will ask you to collect all the Alolan Diglett around the island. Unfortunately, this is mandatory for you to be able to cross the bridge.

Hint: Yellow hair will be popping out of the ground, indicating an Alolan Diglett.

Once you’ve found all of them, you’ll be able to go up to the manor. Initiate the conversation, and you’ll notice that Kubfu is watching quietly from the rooftop.

When you go into the Dojo, Honey’s son, Hyde will welcome you by giving you an Exp. Charm. You’ll also meet Mustard, Honey’s partner who wants to eagerly battle you.

When you’re ready to battle on, talk to Mustard, he will have the following Pokemon in his roster.

  • Mienfoo (Level 61)
  • Shinx (Level 61)

Once you’ve defeated him, you’ll be given a total of three trials!

Trial One – Defeat Three Fast Galarian Slowpoke
As you exit the Dojo, you’ll see Galarian Slowpokes dashing off to the right of the Dojo.

They can be found in the following locations.

  • Right of the Brawler’s Cave’s entrance.
  • Circling a pond, to the left.
  • Near the entrance to Challenge Beach.

They’ll be circling one specific area, so simply stand in their way so they can ram into you. These Slowpokes are purely Psychic, so if you’ve got any Bug, Ghost or Dark-type Pokemon, unleash ‘em!

The first Slowpoke will drop the Dojo Jacket, the second one will give you a Dojo Tee, as well as some Dojo Shorts. The final one will give you Dojo Gloves and Dojo Legwear.

You’ll be rewarded with either a Venusaur or Squirtle for returning the items back to the Dojo.

Another item you’ll get from this endeavor is the Armorite Ore, which can be used to teach new moves to your Pokemon. Talk to the man right of the door.

Trial Two – Search for Max Mushrooms
When you’re ready, go out of the Dojo to start the second trial, which will require you to find a total of three Max Mushrooms.

To find the Mushrooms, go to the Warm-Up Tunnel on the other side of the Forest of Focus. In order to get there, go to the Soothing Wetlands, and head left.

From here, go North into the Forest of Focus. Prior to entering the forest, you can talk to the Lady and give her a Marowak to get an Alolan Marowak.

Pass the bridge on your left and keep on the path to your right. When you reach the pond, go left of the water, and when you reach a split, take another left.

Go over the next bridge, and take a right. You’ll see another bridge, cross it and you’ll see a cave in the distance. Go to the entrance, and this is where you can find the mushrooms you need.

When you try to pick up the mushrooms, you’ll be faced with a battle against your Rival, who will be using the following Pokemon.

For the Sword version of the game, you’ll be pitted against,

  • Galarian Slowpoke (Level 62)
  • Whirlipede (Level 63)
  • Koffing (Level 62)

For the Shield version,

  • Kadabra (Level 63)
  • Woobat (Level 62)

After defeating your Rival, you will be able to pick up the Max Mushrooms. Head back to the Dojo and have some Max Soup to end your trial. This will unlock an NPC who will cook you Max Soup should you have the ingredients on you.

Trial Three – Dynamax Battle With Your Rival
The final trial is a battle against your Rival, a Dynamax battle at that! The winner will receive the secret armor.

The battle can be initiated by going through the doors in the center of the Master Dojo.

You’ll be facing off against the following Pokemon depending on the version of your game.

The following are all of your rivals’ Pokemon in the Sword version.

  • Galarian Slowbro (Level 67)
  • Skorupi (Level 65)
  • Whirlipede (Level 66)
  • Weezing (Galarian)

The Shield version of the game consists of a different set of enemies in your opposition.

  • Galarian Slowbro (Level 67)
  • Galarian Ponyta (Level 65)
  • Kadabra (Level 66)
  • Swoobat (Level 66)

Once you’re done and dusted with the battle, talk to Mustard and your rival a little, you will receive a League Card from Klara.

Talking to Mustard, he will reward you with the secret armor, which is a new Pokemon, Kubfu!

Befriending Kubfu
In order to increase the strength of your bond with Kubfu, you’ll have to go to specific locations on the island.

Loot Lagoon – From the Master Dojo, use the nearby bridge and go to the lower section. Go in the Courageous Cave and follow the river until you get to some land. You will eventually reach a junction following the path, at which point, just take a left. After exiting the cave, you’ll see a trainer, talk to them to initiate a cutscene.

Brawler’s Cave – Fast Travel to Trainers Lowlands, and turn around to the Forest of Focus. When you reach the split, follow the route to the bridge, and head to the visible cave in the distance. Cross the river in the Brawler’s Cave and you will see a trainer in yellow at the other entrance of the cave.

Challenge Row – Head out of the Brawler’s Cave, and go back the way you came from. Go across the bridge and take a right. Go up the flight of stairs, and at the top, talk to the trainer who will again show you a great view to better your bond.

Potbottom Desert – Warp to Trainers Lowlands once again, and go into the Warm-Up Tunnel. Reach the exit, and go into Pottbottom Desert. You will find the trainer right at the entrance.

After visiting all of the spots, head back to talk to Mustard, who will take you to Soothing Wetlands, where he will show you the toughest challenge of the island. You will have to choose between conquering either of the two towers.

  • Tower of Waters will make your Kubfu into a Urshifu (Fighting and Water) with Rapid Strike Style.
  • Tower of Darkness will make him an Urshifu (Fighting and Dark) with a Single Strike Style.

Before proceeding with either of the challenges, remember to have leveled up your Kubfu to at least a minimum of Level 70. You’ll only be using Kubfu for the entire duration of the challenge.

Tower of Waters
Make sure you only have Kubfu in your party. You will be facing a total of five trainers. Prior to starting, make sure you have a sufficient amount of healing items, as there will be no other means to heal your Kubfu between battles.

  • Floor 1 – Psyduck (Level 65)
  • Floor 2 – Krabby (Level 66)
  • Floor 3 – Marill (Level 67)
  • Floor 4 – Poliwhirl (Level 68)
  • Floor 5 – Kubfu (Level 70)

After dealing with all of the above Pokemon, Mustard will take your Kubfu to the scroll in order to evolve it into an Urshifu. You will gain Mustard’s League Card as a reward.

Tower of Darkness
If you’ve chosen Tower of Darkness, you’ll be facing a different set of Pokemon, however at the same difficulty as that of Tower of Waters.

  • Floor 1 – Zorua (Level 65)
  • Floor 2 – Scraggy (Level 66)
  • Floor 3 – Inkay (Level 67)
  • Floor 4 – Krokorok (Level 68)
  • Floor 5 – Kubfu (Level 70)

Completing the Tower of Darkness will evolve Kubfu into an Urshifu.

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