How to Catch Galarian Slowpoke in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Evolution and Stats

Galarian Slowpoke has finally been added to Pokemon Sword and Shield and this guide will teach you how to catch it for your team

The latest update for Pokemon Sword and Shield finally adds the much-awaited Galarian form of Slowpoke. If you are one of those trainers waiting for it, read on for tips on how to catch Galarian Slowpoke in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Catch Galarian Slowpoke in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Regular players may know that the latest update for Pokemon Sword and shield went live on consoles worldwide on Thursday. If you haven’t gotten that update then that is your first step.

The update adds a unique looking Pokemon that is a blend of salamander and a hippopotamus, its color is pink and it seems it is aptly named at it gives off an impression of being lazy and aloof, the same characteristics that the Pokemon had way back in 1996. Yup! that is indeed Slowpoke, although the unique Galarian variant of it.

There have been some minor tweaks to both its looks and abilities, to make it fit in better with in the world of Sword and Shield, this is also the first regional pokemon added to the game after its initial release.

Now that you have an updated game, head on over to the Wedgehurst train station, there you can find your very own Galarian Slowpoke.

There, you’ll run into either Klara or Avery, depending on your game version. A Galarian Slowpoke will follow them into the station, now is your chance to grab it.

Just use a Quick Ball on the first turn if you don’t care about ball appearances and grab your very own Galarian Slowpoke.

Note that catching the Galarian Slowpoke does not add a new entry to your Pokédex — this will likely happen later when the DLC releases.

Now let’s talk about some basic stats. Your Galarian Slowpoke has the following characteristics according to the official press release:

  • Category: Dopey Pokemon
  • Type: Psychic
  • Height: 3’11’’
  • Weight: 79.4 lbs.
  • Ability: Gluttony / Own Tempo

Also, this version of the Slowpoke is not water-psychic type as the original was, rather it is only psychic type, meaning it won’t have an added disadvantage against electrical and grass type attacks, but it also losses the added effectiveness against Fire, Rock, and Ground Pokemon.

The Gluttony ability lets Galarian Slowpoke eat berries that it has, at 50 percent HP in battle, while they would normally be eaten at 25 percent HP by other Pokemon. Your Galarian Slowpoke will be at level 12 when you first capture it so farm some EXP candies and level it up fast.

How to Evolve Galarian Slowpoke
Galarian Slowpoke undergoes evolution to become Galarian Slowbro with the use of an item. This new item, Galarian Cuff was introduced in the Isle of Armor DLC. To acquire Galarian Cuffs, you need to take on a small quest before you can evolve Galarian Slowpoke.

There is a lady that will offer to make you a Galarica Cuff in exchange for 8 Galarian Twigs on the island to the South West of the station on the Isle of Armor. Just go to her when you have the twigs to evolve your Pokemon.

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