Pokemon Sword and Shield Hyper Training Tips, Bottle Caps Farming Guide

Hyper train your pokemon with our handy Pokemon Sword and Shield Hyper Training Tips and learn how best to upgrade them beyond max IV

In Pokemon Sword and Shield you can put your Pokemon through a tough training regime to make their natural stats better and by natural stats I mean the Individual Values they have. These used to be completely unique to the Pokemon you caught and could not be changed, but thanks to the new feature in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can now raise these stats of your Pokemon. Below we have for you Pokemon Sword and Shield Hyper Training Tips as well as information on how to farm bottle caps required for hyper training.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Hyper Training Tips

Hyper Training
If you have played Pokemon Sun and Moon before you should be familiar with the concept. With Hyper training, you essentially bring out the best in your Pokemon by increasing his Individual Values.

Even if your Pokemon is maxed out at Level 100, certain aspects of its abilities can hold him back from winning certain battles, to eliminate that factor, it is recommended that you bring the BEST out of your Pokemon through Hyper Training.

The Max IV stat is 31, and when you hyper train a stat, it will show it as “Hyper Trained” instead of 31, which means the same thing. But before you can unlock the feature, you have to have completed the following pre-requisites.

  • You must have beaten the Galar League and become the Champion.
  • Pokemon that will go through Hyper Training MUST be Level 100.
  • You will need Bottle Caps and Gold Bottle Caps in order to Hyper Train.

Once you beat the game, and you want to raise your Pokemon’s IV stats, you are going to need Bottle Caps.

A normal Bottle Cap will max out one IV of your Pokemon whereas a Golden Bottle Cap will simply max out all the IV stats of that Pokemon.

Where do I go for Hyper Training?
The NPC, Mr. Hyper, can be found in Wyndon within the Battle Tower. He is located behind the counter, towards the farthest right.

If you have completed all the pre-requisites mentioned above, you will be able to put your Pokemon through an intense workout regime.

Bottle Caps
You are going to need a few of these Bottle Caps if you want Hyper Training for your Pokemon.

The way you can get Bottle Caps is that you can fight through the Battle Tower, and upon reaching certain Tiers, you will receive Bottle Caps You can also buy them with Battle Points in the Battle Tower. Check out our guide on farming Battle Points.

Bottle Caps can also be obtained by defeating Max Raid Battles as well as the Digging Duo in the Wild Area.

Gold Bottle Caps are a little trickier to obtain compared to regular Bottle Caps. You can get the Digging Duo to dig treasure out for you which will cost you 500 Watts, it is recommended that you speak to the guy on the left which will give you a higher probability of finding Bottle Caps.

With Bottle Caps in your pocket, you can further refine your favorite Pokemon and take them into battle with even greater winning chances now that their true potential is brought out thanks to Mr. Hyper.

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