Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle Tower Tips, BP Farming

Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle Tower will unlock once you finish the game. You will be able to stress your Pokemon out by putting them up against challenging Pokemon. The Battle Tower is, however, Single-Player only; you can go to the Battle Stadium if you are looking for an online experience.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle Tower

Winning the Battle Tower rewards, you with Battle Points which can be utilized to purchase rare items and mints. These are end-game currency, so you need to keep yourself stocked up on this by grinding the Battle Tower over and over again.

You also get various rewards as you Rank Up in the Battle Tower. The max rank is the Master Ball rank.

Moving up the Battle Tower will take you to higher Tiers which will gain you even more rewards for putting in so much effort into the challenges the Tower presents you.

Uses of Battle Points
You can find Battle Points shop in Hammerlocke and the Battle tower. Certain items in the store can easily be found by simply exploring your game. You can buy mints, which can be used to change the nature of your Pokemon, you can also buy an item known as the Destiny Knot which is a great tool for breeders.

Battle Points BP Farming

Battle Points ‘BP farming in Pokemon Sword and Shield is as easy as grinding single and double battles in Battle Tower and defeating trainers by raising your rank in the game.

Raise your Rank
Raise your rank up in Single and Double battles and beat trainers in Single Battle as much as you can to efficiently farm battle points. Doing this will gain you various rewards. However, if you get stuck on certain fights, go ahead and rent Pokemon from the available roster, or simply breed stronger Pokemon to stand your ground against the stronger Pokemon.

Grind Single Battles
Both Single Battles and Double Battles will reward you with the same amount of Battle Points (i.e. 2), therefore, it is wise and recommended that you continuously defeat trainers in Single Battle for maximum efficiency.

Get Eternatus
Eternatus is a Pokemon that will be able to handle most of the early stages of the Battle Tower due to its High Speed and Special Attack very easily. So if you want to farm, best catch yourself the legendary Eternatus.

Renting Pokemon Teams
If you are stuck at some point in the Battle Tower and your Pokemon Team is just quite not cutting it, then you can go for an alternative option which is renting a Pokemon Team.  The following teams are available to use by the players:

  • Skill Team
  • Basic Team
  • Tough Team
  • Rain Team
  • Slow Team

Out of these five teams, the most effective one that will get you through most part of the Battle Tower would be the Skill Team composed of a Gyarados, Jangmo-o, Falinks, Tyranitar, Duraludon and Grimmsnarl.

While Duraludon is a bit useless in this roster, Tyranitar with Dragon Dance and Falinks are two of the most useful Pokemon in this composition.

With all this information, you can now proceed to achieve your victory streak in Battle Tower, and earn yourself Battle Points to enhance and work on your own roster. The Tower is challenging, and each battle becomes harder and harder as time goes on, the grind offers a fun and enjoyable ride along the way.

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