How to Unlock IV Checker in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Unlock the IV checker in Pokemon Sword and Shield to get an idea of how good your Pokemon are and how to improve them with our guide

In this guide, we will be talking about how you can unlock to see IVs of the Pokemon. IVs are basically Individual Values abbreviated as IVs with which you can see stats of a Pokemon just by looking at it in your box. These IVs are actually a group of hidden stats that can affect the base stats of each individual Pokemon and this makes them very significant to this game. So here we will discuss working of IVs and How to Unlock IV Checker in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Unlock IV Checker in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The process of unlocking the IV Checker is very straightforward in Sword and Shield. I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but its straightforward. When you get it unlocked, the IVs of the Pokemon can be seen by pressing the “+” button. Here’s how it is done:

In order to do that there is one small thing that you need to take care of; finish the story… For that, you have to visit the Battle Tower and talk to the lady at the counter and start the battle. After five battles you will be fighting the champion Leon himself. When you have won six times, your rank for the Battle tower will increase to 4 and along with that, the IV checker would be unlocked for the Pokemon Box.

Using IV Checker
Just go to your Pokemon Box and press “+” and your pokemon’s IV values will be visible to you. Now the next thing to consider is that these IV values should be “Best” because they affect the stats of the Pokemon.

If it’s higher, stats will be higher and vice versa. If the IV value states “Best” it means that its stats are maxed out. This is how all the values correspond:

  • No Good: 0
  • Decent: 1- 10
  • Pretty Good: 11 – 20
  • Very Good: 21 – 29
  • Fantastic: 30
  • Best: 31

In case you do not invest any EV points in a stat then there will be no difference between 30 and 31 IVs at Level 50.

Remember that 31 IVs will only be beneficial for you in case you will invest EVs into it in the future. Read our Effort Values guide for more information on this.

Changing IVs
You cannot just change them directly. You have to do Hyper Training to alter them. For that go to the Battle Tower and talk to the NPC at the far right.

Give him a bottle cap and get a Lvl. 100 Pokemon’s stat changed to “Best”.

There is a quicker method to make all the stats “Best” which can be applied if you use a Gold Bottle Cap.

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