Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolutions Chart

Now that you have your collection built up, it is time to evolve some of them with our evolution chart for Pokemon Sword and Shield

Now that Pokemon Sword and Shield are out, let’s have a quick look at the evolutionary tree for every new Pokemon available in the two games. There are Pokemon aplenty and there are a LOT of Evolutions to go over, so let’s not dilly-dally and quickly dive into our Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolutions Chart.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolutions Chart

The Starter Grass-Type Pokemon is as cute as a button but becomes a bit more reggae as he goes on.

  • 1st evolution – Thwackey (Water)
  • 2nd evolution – Rillabloom (Water)

The Starter Water-Type is as cool as a cucumber and stylish to boot as he evolves.

  • 1st evolution – Drizzile (Grass)
  • 2nd evolution – Intellion (Grass)

The Starter Fire-Type is an impish little scamp, one who’ll prove his mettle as he evolves further and further.

  • 1st evolution – Rabboot (Fire)
  • 2nd evolution – Cinderace (Fire)

This cute little ball of fluff will never lose its cuteness.

  • Only evolution – Dubwool (Normal)

A Water-Type that evolves into a creature that is its own worst enemy – water AND rock!

  • Only evolution – Drednaw (Water/Rock)

Starting off innocuous enough, this feather-brained bird turns into quite the formidable opponent later down the line.

  • 1st evolution – Corvisquire (Flying)
  • 2nd evolution – Corviknight (Flying/Steel)

Galarian Ponyta
The Galarian Ponyta gets a colorful makeover in Galar.

  • Only evolution – Galarian Rapidash (Psychic/Fairy)

The brawler gets quite the upgrade in his Gigantamax form!

  • Machamp – His Gigantamax Form differs from base Machamp (Fighting)

This unruly crustacean will get you in its pincers yet!

  • Kingler – His Gigantamax Form differs from base Kingler (Water)

The cutest puppy you could ever ask for. Reminds me a bit of Bolt!

  • Only evolution – Boltund (Thunder)

This little devil is a mischievous tyke, keep your eyes on this one!

  • 1st evolution – Morgrem (Dark/Fairy)
  • 2nd evolution – Grimmsnarl (Dark/Fairy)

This saccharine-sweet is likely to give you multiple cavities, but it’s just too sweet to resist.

We’re all familiar with those Pokemon; not very useful but its evolution, ooh boy!

  • Only evolution – Gyarados (Water)

This Pokemon can actually transform into two different versions of the same Pokemon depending on what its nature is.

  • 1 alternative – Toxtricity (Electric)
  • 2nd alternative – Toxtricity (Poison)

This felonious fox is something to be wary of.

  • Only evolution – Thievul (Dark)

This dazzling flower evolves into something… a bit more fluffy than one would expect.

  • Only evolution – Eldegoss (Grass)

A grumpy rock that evolves into a slightly less (but more demented) rock!

  • 1st evolution – Carkol (Rock/Fire)
  • 2nd evolution – Coalossal (Rock/Fire)

A squirrel that looks as if it perpetually has a pair of nuts stuffed in its mouth!

  • Only evolution – Greedent (Normal)

This Pokemon (which resembles a Tapeworm, if you ask me) looks as if it has a perpetual scowl on its face.

  • Only evolution – Centiskorch (Fire/Bug)

This creature can turn into a titanic version of itself when in its Gigantamax form!

  • Coalossal – Its Gigantamax form differs from base Coalossal (Rock/Fire)

This spooky poltergeist is reminiscent of the chipped teacup from fairy tales of yore and can take on a different form depending on which item you use to help it evolve.

  • With a Cracked Pot – Polteageist (Ghost)
  • With a Chipped Cup – Poltegeist (Rare Form)

A dangerous Water-Type, who does not become easier on the eyes as it evolves.

  • Baraskewda (Water)

Galarian Meowth
We’re all familiar with Meowth, but his Galarian evolution? Now that’s something we can never get familiar with!

  • Only evolution – Purrzerker (Steel)

This elephant inspired Pokemon can tower of the masses with its imposing size!

  • Only evolution – Copperajah (Steel)

Galarian Yamask
Reminiscent of the Unknowns from previous generations, it should come as no surprise that Yamask and its subsequent evolution are Ghost-Types.

  • Only evolution – Galarian Runerigus (Ghost/Ground); refer to this guide to learn of the evolution method

Starting off as a timid cherub but transforming into a real beauty, someone to compete with Gardevoir.

  • 1st evolution – Hattrem (Psychic)
  • 2nd evolution – Hatterne (Psychic/Fairy)

Snakes… why’d it have to be snakes?!

  • Only evolution – Sandaconda (Ground)

A milquetoast Octopoda transforms into quite the confident brawler as it evolves!

  • Only evolution – Grapploct (Water/Fighting); needs to know Taunt to evolve.

Both Snom and its evolutionary form are quite the cutie-pies.

  • Only evolution – Frosmoth (Ice/Bug)

Like the Butterfree family, goes from a hideous bug to a lovely butterfly.

  • 1st evolution – Dottler (Bug/Psychic)
  • 2nd evolution – Orbeetle (Bug/Psychic)

Galarian Corsola
The Galarian is far more melancholic than its counterparts.

  • Only evolution – Galarian Cursula (Ghost)

Galarian Abra
The famed Pokemon gets a Galarian repaint for Sword and Shield.

  • 1st evolution – Galarian Kadabra (Psychic)
  • 2nd evolution – Galarian Alakazam (Psychic)

Depending on which item you give to this Pokemon, you’ll get a different evolution.

  • Apple Tart evolution – Flapple (Grass/Dragon)
  • Sweet Apple evolution – Appletun (Grass/Dragon)

A Dragon-Type with a very… let’s call in unique head shape.

  • 1st evolution – Darkloak (Dragon/Ghost)
  • 2nd evolution – Dragapult (Dragon/Ghost)

Galarian Darumaka
A creature we’ve known of since Generation 5, but this time with a more icy exterior.

  • Only evolution – Galarian Darmanitan (Ice)

All the remaining Pokemon are either from previous generations or have no evolutions to write about. Be sure to check out our various guides on Evolution Stones, Methods of Evolving Pokemon, etc, so that you know exactly what’s in store for you.

Be sure to refer to this Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolutions Chart if you’re wondering about the Pokemon in your possession and what they’ll eventually evolve into.