Pokemon Sword and Shield Stone Evolutions Guide

Learn about all the Pokemon that require an evolution stone before you can evolve them into their next form in Sword and Shield

Most Pokemon evolve when they reach a certain level. However, that’s not the case for every single Pokemon.  There are certain Pokemon that will only evolve when given possession of an Evolution Stone. In this guide, we will give you the ultimate Pokemon Sword and Shield Stone Evolutions List so you have an idea of which Pokemon require these stones to evolve.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Stone Evolutions List

Take Eevee, for example, it won’t evolve even if you get it to Level 100. This has been the case since the earliest Pokemon game and remains this way even in the latest installments – Sword and Shield. This guide will run down the process of evolving Pokemon via the Evolution Stones, and which Pokemon actually require it to go beyond.

First things first and that’s actually acquiring an Evolution Stone. Refer to our Evolution Stones Locations Guide to know where exactly you can find them. Once you have acquired an Evolution Stone, the process of using it is easy and straightforward.

Open your ‘Bag’ and enter the ‘Other Items’ section. You’ll find that any Evolution Stone you’ve found will be stored here. When selecting the Evolution Stone, do not pick ‘Give to a Pokemon’, but select, instead ‘Use this Item’; doing so will actually allow you to use the Evolution Stone as opposed to just handing it over to your Pokemon for safekeeping.

When selected, the menu will inform you whether any of your Pokemon are compatible with the Evolution Stone or not. But why go through all that? Just read ahead to find out which Evolution Stone is compatible with which Pokemon, and what exactly you’re in store for if you do choose to use it.

Dawn Stone
The Dawn Stone can only be used on two Pokemon, but you’ll quickly learn that there’s a contingency that must be met in order for the Stone to be of actual use.

  • It can be used on a male Kirlia to have it evolve into Gallade. A female Kirlia will not benefit from a Dawn Stone.
  • A female Snorunt will evolve into a Froslass. A male Snorunt will not benefit from a Dawn Stone.

Dusk Stone
The Dusk Stone, like the Dawn Stone, can only be used on two Pokemon. There is no condition of gender here, you can use it no matter what the gender of those two Pokemon is.

  • A Lampent will evolve into a Chandelure with a Dusk Stone.
  • A Doublade will evolve into an Aegislash with a Dusk Stone.

Fire Stone
The Fire Stone, unlike the previous two, can be used on 3 different Pokemon. It’s a valuable Stone that’s needed to get some of the more powerful Fire Types in the games.

  • If you wish for your Eevee to become a Fire Type, then you’ll need a Fire Stone to have it evolve into Flareon.
  • A Growlithe can only evolve into Arcanine with the use of a Fire Stone.
  • Vulpix will not evolve into Ninetales if a Fire Stone isn’t used.

Ice Stone
The Ice Stone can be used to help evolve two distinct Pokemon.

  • Eevee will evolve into Glaceon if an Ice Stone is used.
  • A Galarian Darumaka will evolve into a Galarian Darmanitan with the aid of an Ice Stone.

Leaf Stone
Another Evolution Stone which can be used on 3 distinct Pokemon.

  • As you already know, an Eevee has multiple evolutions, and one of those evolutions – Leafeon – can only be attained with a Leaf Stone.
  • A Gloom will evolve into a Vileplume if a Leaf Stone is used.
  • Nuzleaf won’t evolve into Shiftry if a Leaf Stone isn’t used on it.

Moon Stone
The Moon Stone can be used to aid the evolution of 1 Psychic and 1 Fairy-Type.

  • The Fairy Type, Clefairy, will evolve into Clefable.
  • The Psychic Type, Munna, will evolve into Musharna.

Shiny Stone
As rare as the elusive Shiny Pokemon, this scintillating Stone can be used to evolve 3 Pokemon in Sword and Shield.

  • Minccino will evolve into Cinccino.
  • Roselia will evolve into Roserade.
  • Togetic will evolve into Togekiss.

Sun Stone
The opposite of the Moon Stone, this Stone reminiscent of the incandescent sun, can be used to evolve 3 Pokemon (one more than the Moon Stone).

  • Gloom will evolve into Bellossom.
  • Cottonee will evolve into Whimsicott.
  • Helioptile will evolve into Heliolisk.

Thunder Stone
Many are familiar with the famous episode of Pokemon where Ash and Pikachu were faced with the dilemma of using the Thunder Stone to help Pikachu evolve; hopefully, none of you run into such a dilemma.

  • Pikachu, of course, will evolve into Raichu with the use of the Thunder Stone.
  • Charjabug will evolve into Vikavolt with the use of the Thunder Stone.
  • Eevee will evolve into Jolteon with the use of the Thunder Stone.

Water Stone
The final Evolution Stone is to help our aquatic friends become much more powerful.

  • Eevee, naturally, will evolve into its Water Form, Vaporeon.
  • Lombre will evolve into the jovial Ludicolo.
  • Shellder will evolve into Cloyster.

10 different Evolution Stone that can be used to help to gain 26 unique Evolutions. Make sure to find as many Stones as you can so you can get your hands on these rare Pokemon!