Pokemon Shield Applin Location, How to Evolve Tips

Appletun is a rare Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Shield. To get Appletun, you need to evolve it using an Applin. Applin is also a rare Pokemon that can be evolved into either Flapple or Appletun. This guide will show you Pokemon Shield Applin Location as well as how you can evolve Applin into Appletun and give useful evolution tips.

Pokemon Shield Applin Location

Applin, like most Pokemon, can be found in patches of grass. However, Applin will only appear as “Rare!” “Surprise!” encounters and not overworld. Here are the locations and weather conditions in which you can find Applin. Apart from these locations, you can also find Applin in Pokemon Shield as a boss in Max Raid Battles.

Route 5
While exploring Route 5, you can find Applin randomly in any type of weather

Wild Area: Stony Wilderness
Applin can be found in this area during Thunderstorm

Wild Area: Giant’s Mirror
You can catch Applin from this area during a Thunderstorm

Wild Area: Dusty Bow
If you go to Dusty Bow during Sunny weather, you might have a chance of running into an Applin.

How to Evolve Applin
If you catch Applin, you can’t just evolve it for a while. This is because Applin will only evolve when given a Sweet Apple or Tart Apple. A Sweet Apple will evolve Applin into Appletun. Sweet Apples are EXCLUSIVE to Pokemon Shield.

Appletun Stats

  • Type: Grass/Dragon
  • HP: 100
  • ATK: 85
  • ATK: 100
  • DEF: 8P
  • SPD: 30

How to get Sweet Apple
You can get the Sweet Apple by following ways:

  • You can guarantee a Sweet apple from a boy in Hammerlocke. Head to the west most exit which leads to Route 6. Here, a boy will be loitering by the exit, requesting an Applin. Give him an Applin. After a sweet mini-cutscene, the man will return your Applin to you and give you an item. In Pokemon Sword, the Applin guy will give you a Tart Apple. In Pokemon Shield, the Applin guy will give you a Sweet Apple.
  • Additionally, once you upgrade the Rotom Bike to be able to travel on water (which you’ll get soon after defeating the Circhester Gym). Once you can travel across the water, head to the Axew’s Eye in the Wild Area. It’s a small island in-between the Motostoke entrance and the Meetup Spot trainstop entrance. There’s a tree here with sparkles at its base, indicating items. There are Fancy Apples ( a curry ingredient) here, but you will also be able to often find Sweet Apples. Because items respawn in the Wild Area each day, you will be able to collect multiple Apples with this method.
  • Challenge Battle Café in Hammerlocke, Motostroke and Wyndon and receive Sweet Apples as rewards.

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