Pokemon Sword and Shield Nickit Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

Use our guide to help you catch the new Generation 8 fox Pokemon, Nickit, in Pokemon Sword and Shield and make the best use of it

One of the new Pokemon added in Generation 8 is Nickit, a Dark-type that resembles a cute fox. In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Nickit Locations guide, we will tell you how to track this fox down, catch it and then evolve it should you feel the need to do so.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Nickit Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

As we mentioned before, Nickit is a fox dark-type Pokemon that players can encounter fairly early on in the game as they start exploring Route 1. A wild Nickit is a shy and sneaky Pokemon so be careful that it does not run away from you when you try to catch it in a battle.

Except for trainer battles, any Nickit you encounter will have the ability to run away if it senses that it doesn’t have a winning chance. Nickit is an overworld Pokemon so you can see it running around the areas as you explore them giving you a chance to catch one.

Nickit Abilities
Run Away: Except for trainer battles, can always run from battle. It still cannot switch during Mean Look or Block or when the opponent is trapping with the Arena Trap, Magnet Pull, or Shadow Tag ability

Unburden: Speed is doubled once the held item is consumed

Stakeout: Doubles the damage dealt to the target

Nickit Locations

Below are all the locations where you can encounter Nickit and the weather conditions and how they impact its spawn rate

Route 1
All-Weather (Lv. 3-6) – 05% Chance

Route 2
All-Weather (Lv. 5-7) – 15% Chance

Stony Wilderness
Heavy Fog (Lv. 28-30) – 05% Chance

Dusty Bowl

  • Normal Weather (Lv. 42-47) – 50% Chance,
  • Overcast (Lv. 42-47) – 35% Chance,
  • Raining (Lv. 42-47) – 10% Chance,
  • Thunderstorm (Lv. 42-47) – 35% Chance to spawn Nickit
  • Intense Sun (Lv. 42-47) – 05% Chance

Giant’s Mirror
Normal Weather (Lv. 28-30) – extremely low 4% chance to spawn a high-level Nickit

Route 2 (High Level)
All-Weather (Lv. 40-43) – 15% Chance

Strengths and Weaknesses
Nickit is weak against Bug, Fairy, and Fighting-type Pokemon while strong against Dark, Psychic and Ghost.

At level 18, Nickit can evolve into Thievul

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