How To Defeat Arven In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Path of Legends is one of the major story paths in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In this storyline, the lead...

Path of Legends is one of the major story paths in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In this storyline, the lead character Arven needs some assistance in finding the five Titans in Pokemon SV. After finding these Titan Pokemon in Pokemon SV, Arven wants a final boss fight against players.

If you are in search of the best ways to defeat Arven in this final boss fight and the ideal counters to his pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, then sit tight as we have prepared it all for you in this guide.

How to defeat Arven in Pokemon SV

Before the battle, we would recommend you focus on leveling up your Pokemon. Leveling the Pokemon up requires XP candies. The best way is to do Terra Raid Battles. This will help you get XP candies depending on the level of the raid.

Another recommendation is giving held items to your Pokemon. You can buy these items from shops called Delibird Presents. So make sure your Pokemon is holding something that they can benefit from instead of holding nothing at all.

Arven counters

There are a total of 6x Pokemon Arven has that need to be defeated to complete the storyline Path of Legends in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This encounter is going to be a lot tougher than the one at the start of the game.

Best team to defeat Arven

You should strongly consider the following pokemon as they work wonders against Arven’s Pokemon; 

  • Weavile (level 67) 
  • Annihilape (Level 67) 
  • Garchomp (Level 68) 
  • Armarouge (Level 68) 
  • Scyther (Level 75) 
  • Garganacl (Level 67) 

Or you can also consider the following team; 

  • Meowscrada (Level 65) 
  • Altaria (Level 66) 
  • Dragonite (Level 61) 
  • Zoroark (Level 60) 
  • Chien-Pao (Level 65) 
  • Lucario (Level 56) 

Defeating Arven is not a simple feat, as he has some Pokemon capable of dealing with one-shot eliminations. So, you must follow the recommendations to counter Arven’s Pokemon we have listed below:


Greedent is going to be the first Pokemon from Arven in this battle. This normal-type Pokemon is very slow and is very weak against fighting. So we highly recommend you start with a Pokemon having a fighting-type move and Annihilape would be a great choice here.

Being a Normal-type pokemon, Greedent will show weaknesses against Fighting Type pokemon. Due to its slow speed and moderate HP, it will be relatively easier to take down than the rest as long as you fight it with Annihilape or any other Fighting-type pokemon you may have stowed away. 


Scovillain is going to be the second Pokemon from the Arven side. This Pokemon is weak against poison, rock, and, flying-type attacks. It has moderate speed and HP but has good attack and special attack so don’t want to take any hits from Scovillain.

We recommend you use Armarouge against Scovillain and you need to defeat her as quickly as possible.

Getting rid of Scovillian is crucial as it is a hard hitting pokemon and can easily put your team out of the equation if it stays on the battlefield for too long. Using Armarouge’s Armor Canon move can prove to be a destructive force for this pokemon. 


Arven’s third Pokemon is going to be Garganacl. This Pokemon is weak against water, fighting, ground, and, steel. It possesses a slow speed but a really good defense so you must hit it with a special attack.

We recommend you use Garchomp with his dig attack or earthquake to kill it as quickly as possible. Garchomp will bury himself underground and the earthquake attack will faint Garganacl.

Garganacl is Fairy-type pokemon and is the last evolution of Nacli. Even if you don’t have Garchomp or any other Ground-type pokemon, you can always turn to the rest of the weakness list as it goes pretty long. Using Scyther and his X-scissor attack can be lethal in this fight as well. 


It’s going to be the fourth Pokemon from Arven’s side. Toedscreul is a ground/grass-type Pokemon that is weak against the fire-flying bug. It has a four-time weakness to ice. It is very swift in moves and possesses very high special defense.

We recommend using a physical attack against this Pokemon. Weavile would be best for a physical ice attack called Avalanche.

Toedscruel is a very unforgiving pokemon as it will lash out dealing significant damage. Make sure your pokemon have decent amount of HP to tough out its attack and be able to one-shot it. 


Arven’s fifth Pokemon is going to be the water and ice type Cloyster. It is weak against electricity, grass, fighting, and, rock. It has insanely high defense. Having moderate HP and speed but a very high physical defense makes it hard to defeat.

For this pokemon, you will really need to bring out a hard-hitting pokemon which can defeat it in as less moves as possible. We suggest you go with Annihilape. 

A special attack from Annihilape would be a perfect attack to faint Cloyster.

If you wish to fight it with another pokemon of your choice, remember to use the SP. Atk as it can deal the most damage out of any other attack. 


It’s going to be the final Pokemon from Arven’s side. This Pokemon has a very high attack capability and remaining all parameters are moderate. It is weak against bugs, fighting, and fairy. So you can take it out easily with a good bug or fairy-type moves. You need to be careful because its single physical attack can cause your Pokemon to faint.

Another thing to look out for will be its Intimidate which will lower the attack of your pokemon.  

You need to be aware this Pokemon will Terastallize into a dark type at the end of the battle. A strong fairy-type attack would do the job fine. You can also choose to terastallize your pokemon if you feel the need. Just make sure that you choose from the list of its weaknesses and steer clear of his attacks. 

We recommend you use Scyther X-Scissor attack against Mabosstiff as it will be very effective having flying, bug, and steel attacker capabilities

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