Best Titan Order In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In this guide we have given the best order to follow to defeat Titans in Pokemon SV to complete Path of Legends.

Completing Pokemon SV requires players to complete specific missions as part of different paths or storylines. These missions include Path of Legends in which you are required to defeat Titan Pokemon. You must defeat titan Pokemon in a specific order in Pokemon SV if you want to have an easy time completing Path of Legends.

This might sound a bit complicated in the start, but this Pokemon SV guide will make it a lot easier for you as we have explained the Pokemon order and recommended level for each Pokemon to complete Path of Legends.

Best order to defeat Titans in Pokemon SV

In this section of the guide, we have given the list of all the titans in order in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and explained the recommended level along with their weaknesses as well.

You can follow our path or make your own, but you will have a tough time if you don’t follow the recommended titan order. Whatever option you choose, you need to defeat all the titans in order to complete Path of Legends storyline.

Stony Cliff Titan – Klauff

Recommended Level: 16

Location: South Province (Area 3)

Type: Rock

Weakness: Fighting, Ground, Steel

Open Sky Titan – Bombirdier

Recommended Level: 20

Location: West Province (Area 1)

Type: Flying

Weakness: Rock, Electric, Ice

Lurking Steel Titan – Orthworm

Recommended Level: 20

Location: East Province (Area 3)

Type: Steel

Weakness: Steel, Fire, Water, Electric

Quaking Earth Titan – Great Tusk (Scarlet) / Iron Treads (Violet)

Recommended Level: 45

Location: Asado Dessert

Type: Steel

Weakness: Steel, Fire, Water, Electric, Fairy, Poison, Psychic

False Dragon Titan – Dondozo

Recommended Level: 57

Location: Casseroya Lake

Type: Water and Dragon

Weakness: Water, Grass, Dragon/Water, Grass, Dragon, Ice, Fairy

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