How to Defeat Brassius (Artazon Gym Leader) In Pokemon SV

Artazon is one of the earliest gyms you can attempt, thanks to its low difficulty. In the Artazon Gym, you will face...

Artazon is one of the earliest gyms you can attempt, thanks to its low difficulty. In the Artazon Gym, you will face Gym Leader Brassius, a Grass Type trainer in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Being the second chronological gym you can beat in Pokemon SV, the recommended level for attempting Artazon gym is 18.

Since most of Artazon’s Pokemon are Grass type, it is best to bring Fire, Rock, and Flying-type Pokemon. We have prepared this guide to cover everything you need to do to face Brassius and defeat him to complete Artazon gym in Pokemon SV.

How to complete the Artazon Gym test

As you enter the Gym and talk with the receptionist, you will know that you will first need to complete a test called Seek out the Sunflora in Artazon.

To complete this test, you must find ten Sunflora hiding throughout the town. The location is entirely random, so we recommend you use a fast legendary Pokemon to travel around the town quickly.

You can visit central Plaza more often as the rate of Sunflora spawning is much higher there than in other parts of the town. Once you have collected ten Sunflora, you can head back to the Gym and start the battle with Brassius.


You don’t have other requirements like defeating some trainer etc., to start the fight, so the challenge is quite interesting.

Best team to defeat Brassius

Below are the Pokemon you can use to take out all three Pokemon of Artazon Gym Leader in, Scarlet and Violet.

  • Fletchinder – Fire, and Flying
  • Fletchling – Flying
  • Crocalor – Fire
  • Litleo – Fire & Normal
  • Growlithe – Fire
  • Squawkabilly – Flying

How to defeat Brassius

When you enter the battle arena with Brassius, he will use three Pokemon, which are given below in the order they are used.

  • Petilil – Grass Type
  • Smoliv – Grass Type
  • Sudowoodo – Grass & Rock Type

All these Pokemon are only Grass-type except Sudowoodo, who is Rock-type as well. If you are above level 17, you will be fine with defeating Brassius and getting the Gym badge.

The first two Pokemon, Petilil and Smoliv, are pretty easy to defeat if you are using a Pokemon with a type advantage. These Pokemon are weak against Fire, Flying, Poison, and bug-type Pokemon.

If you have used Pokemon like Fuecoco in the battle against the first Gym leader Katy you don’t have any problem here.  Fire and Flying-type Pokemon are the best against Brassius because they are effective and easily available.

When you fight with Sudowoodo, things get interesting for a while. But Brassius will use Trailblaze, so you can stick with the Fire or other Grass-type counter we have mentioned.

We recommend you to Terastallize your Flying and Fire-type Pokemon at the start of the battle and take advantage of their Tera types.

This will allow you to take out the Pokemon of Brassius using attacks that perform best against the Grass Type Pokemon.

Artazon gym rewards

For defeating the Artazon Gym Leader Brassius in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you will get the following rewards

  • 3,060 Pokedollars
  • Artazon Gym Badge
  • TM 020 – Trailblaze

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