Devil May Cry 5 Super Costumes Unlocks Guide – How To

The DMC5 Super Costumes activate the Infinite Devil Trigger feature which is very useful when attempting to beat the game on harder difficulty levels. Each of the 3 main characters has a Super Costume which is unlocked under specific conditions. This DMC5 Guide will walk you through the process of unlocking, using, and changing them.

Devil May Cry 5 Super Costumes

You must defeat the game on “Dante Must Die” difficulty which is no simple task. You cannot do that until you finish it on the “Son of Sparda” and “Human” or “Devil Hunter” difficulties.

Once you have accomplished this, you will get the Super Nero, Super V, and Super Dante outfits.

Super Nero
Unlimited Devil Trigger causes your sword to be in a permanent state of maximum “Exceed”. You do not have to hold the button to load his Blue Rose with explosive bullets since it now happens automatically. You will still have to charge them though.

Super V
Unlimited Devil puts V’s Demon Pets into a permanent buffed state so that they cannot be stalemated during combat. Nightmare can be summoned indefinitely.

Super Dante
Infinite Devil Trigger and fully maxed out Royal Guard Gauge. Devil Trigger can be siphoned into the Sin Devil Trigger.

How to Change Costumes?

Costumes changes are mostly just in terms of colors which only serve as nice visual changes since they will be displayed in the cutscenes as well as the gameplay.

You can change player characters costumes in the Mission Select screen but not in the middle of a mission. Similarly, non-player character costumes can be changed by scrolling down to the bottom of the menu until you find the option to do so.

However, be warned! Using these costumes reduces your score by 80% each but they can still be very helpful when playing through harder difficulties.