Pokemon Sun and Moon Elite 4 and Champion Guide – Battle Tips, Counters, Strategy

Pokemon Sun and Moon Elite 4, Champion, and Challengers Guide to help you through the battles and what to expect from them.

Once you are done with the grand trials and all standard trials in the Alola Region, you should be able to compete in the Pokemon League in the Mount Lanakika.

This league basically allows you to take on Elite 4 in no particular order. Once you are done with them, you should be able to take on them once again at a higher level.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Elite 4 Guide

After you are done with the league, the Pokemon you use get a ribbon and Pokemon up to Level 100 start to obey you.

In our Pokemon Sun and Moon Elite 4 Guide, we have detailed everything you can expect from the Elite 4 and Champion Challengers.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Elite 4

Elite 4 – Hala

  • Fight-Type Level 54 Hariyama
  • Fight-Type Level 54 Primeape
  • Normal/Fight-Type Level 54 Bewear
  • Water/Fight-Type Level 54 Poliwrath
  • Water/Fight-Type Level 55 Crabominable

Elite 4 – Olivia

  • Water/Rock Type Level 54 Relicanth
  • Rock/Fairy Type Level 54 Carbink
  • Rock/Electric Level 54 Golem
  • Rock/Steel Level 54 Probopass
  • Rock-Type Level 55 Lycanroc

Elite 4 – Acerola

  • Dark/Ghost Type Level 54 Sableye
  • Ghost/Flying Level 54 Drifblim
  • Ghost/Grass Level 54 Dhelmise
  • Ice/Ghost Level 54 Froslass
  • Ghost/Ground Level 55 Palossand

Elite 4 – Kahili

  • Level 54 Skarmory
  • Level 54 Crobat
  • Level 54 Oricorio
  • Level 54 Mandibuzz
  • Level 55 Toucannon

Professor Kukui – Champion

After defeating the Elite 4, you get to sit on the Champion’s Chair, but before you do so, there is one more contender you must defeat – Professor Kukui. He has a wide range of Pokemon belonging to different types between Level 56 to Level 58.

In addition to this, the fully evolved form of the starter which can be pretty hard to deal with.


After becoming the first Alola Region Champion, you get to rematch the Elite 4. However, there is no rematch against the champion again. Instead of this, you get to sit on the Champion Chair and various challengers claiming your titles arrive.

These challengers are chosen at random, use a variety of Pokemon, and do not exceed Level 65.

This guide is currently work in progress. We will add battle tips and counters in future.

This is all we have on our Pokemon Sun and Moon Elite 4 and Champion Challengers Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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