Pokemon Sun and Moon EV Training Guide – Hyper Training Tips, Fast EV Farming, Raise Base Stats of Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon EV Training Guide to help you learn everything you need about EV training, Hyper Training, and fast EV farming.

Pokemon Sun and Moon EV Training Guide to help you learn everything you need about EV training, Hyper Training, and fast EV farming.

EVs have been in Pokemon games for a long time. It basically stands for Effort Values and varies from one Pokemon to other. Effort Values are essentially earned alongside Experience Points.

Every Pokemon that you can take down rewards you with EVs in addition to Experience Points. Once again, this value is different for every Pokemon, but for every 4 EVs, you get one Stat Point.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon EV Training

It is important to note that you cannot assign more than 252 EVs to single stat and more than 510 EVs across all stats. Keeping this in view, you can fully max out two stats of your choice.

If you decide to fully maximise a stat, you should have 63 more points than a Pokemon with 0 EVs assigned to that particular stat. Due to this, it is important that you assign your EVs carefully as they can create the difference between winning and losing.

In our Pokemon Sun and Moon EV Training, we have discussed everything you need to know about EV training, Hyper Training tips, quick EV farming, and more.

EV Training

Let us take the example of Pikachu with ATK at 30 points. Now if you want to increase its ATK by 3 points, you need to have 4 EVs. This is the basic gist of the whole concept, but it can get a little complicated than that – at times.

Every defeated Pokemon provides one to three EVs to a particular stat. However, in some rare cases, a few Pokemon provide EVs to two different stats i.e. ATK Speed and ATK.

Every time you level up a Pokemon, you get a stat increase. You may get +2 in HP, +3 in ATK, so on and so forth. EV Training basically allows you to gain more stat increase at each level. This, however, is not necessary and you can also increase stats even before levelling up a Pokemon.

What you basically need to understand is that even if you are training a particular stat, it will still get increased by levelling up. It goes without saying, but a stat with EVs assigned to it will always have more points than a stat with no assigned EVs.

As mentioned earlier, you cannot assign more than 252 EVs to single stat and more than 510 EVs across all stats. This is something you need to understand if you plan to undergo EV Training in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Vitamins, Wings, and Berries

You can easily add EVs with medicines, each of which adds 10 EVs to a particular stat. One important thing to note here is that you can only give a maximum of 10 medicine items to a stat – adding 100 EVs to it.

If you already have 100 EVs assigned to a stat or 510 EVs spread across all stats, you will not be able to use any more medicinal items. The following section provides an overview of different items and the stats they add EVs to:

  • HP Up – HP
  • Iron – Defence
  • Protein – Attack
  • Carbos – Speed
  • Zinc – Special Defense
  • Calcium – Special Attack

In addition to using medicinal items to add EVs, you can also use berries in order to remove EVs from a particular stat. The first berry always reduces 100 EVs from a particular stat. If a stat has more than 100 EVs assigned to it, the consecutive berries remove 10 EVs each.

Here are the berries you can use and the stats from which they remove EVs:

  • Pomeg – HP
  • Kelpsy – Attack
  • Qualot – Defense
  • Tamato – Attack Speed
  • Hondew – Special Attack
  • Grepa – Special Defense

Power Items to Boost EVs

Since EVs are simple to earn through battles, you should definitely check out the Macho Brace which basically doubles the amount of EVs you earn from a battle. However, there are some items which you can hold and gain 4 additional EVs added to a particular stat after defeating a wild Pokemon or winning a battle.

What is important to understand here is that you do not get 4 additional EVs for every Pokemon you defeat, but for every battle you complete. The following section provides an overview of these EV-boosting items and the stats they target:

  • Power Belt – Defense
  • Power Bracer – Attack
  • Power Weight – Hit Points
  • Power Lens – Special Attack
  • Power Anklet – Attack Speed
  • Power Band – Special Defense

Power Items can be purchased at the Battle Royale Dome.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Hyper Training

Hyper Training is a new concept introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It is found in the Hau’oli City Shopping Mall after speaking with Mr. Hyper. What this basically does it that it increases the IVs of your Pokemon in exchange for Bottle Caps which is a new item in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

However, do note that this can only be done if your Pokemon is Level 100. There are basically two different types of Bottle Caps in the game. The Standard Bottle Cap raises one IV to the maximum and the Gold Bottle Cap raises all six IVs to a maximum.

To get Bottle Caps, you can visit the Lottery Shops in the Festival Plaza and exchange Shards in there.

Before you get all excited, do note that Hyper Training does not increase the actual IVs of a Pokemon and are only for show. This basically ensures that the actual Hidden Powers of a Pokemon remain exactly the same.

Due to this, the Pokemon with supposed-increased IVs does not pass them on when bred.


In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokerus is basically a virus which allows you to earn EVs twice as fast as normal. Its effect is exactly like a Macho Brace or a Power Item except that you do not have to hold it and there are no penalties.

This virus can be caught while battling a wild Pokemon, but it is highly rare. Once you have the virus, you should be able to see ‘Pokerus’ under the Pokemon Summary Menu. In addition to this, the nurse at the Pokemon Centre will also tell you about it.

You basically need to spread the virus and it can be done by keeping the virus-infected Pokemon with the non-infected ones in the same party. After a few battles, at least one of the non-infected Pokemon should receive the virus.

After one to four days in real time, the Pokerus will no longer be contagious despite your Pokemon having it in their system. In order to keep it contagious, you need to keep an infected Pokemon in the Pokemon Storage System at any Pokemon Centre.

It should keep it contagious until it is taken out for one to four days in real time. However, it is important to understand that the time varies from Pokemon to Pokemon.

Fast EVs Farming

Since there are no longer Horde Battles in Pokemon Sun and Moon, you need to force wild Pokemon to call in their allies for help, allowing you to defeat multiple Pokemon and increase your EV gains.

When combined with items including Power Items, Adrenaline Orbs, Pokerus, and False Swipe; you should be able to earn up to 252 EVs from a single battle. It is important that you keep the tips provided above in mind and increase your EV gain in no time.

EXP and EV Sharing
This is nothing new in Pokemon Sun and Moon and if you have played any of the previous Pokemon games, you should be well-familiarized with this concept. When turned on, all Pokemon get XP and EVs – even if your lead Pokemon is maxed out.

With the feature turned on, since the EXP and EVs are shared, the boost provided by Power Items is received by all Pokemon.

Adrenaline Orbs
These can be purchased at any Pokemon Centre and force the wild Pokemon to call for help. The idea behind using the Adrenaline Orbs is to defeat more Pokemon and to earn more EVs.

It is important to note that you can only throw one Adrenaline Orb per battle and cause S.O.S. Pokemon to show up at a higher rate. You need to make sure that you are defeating the S.O.S. and not knocking out the first Pokemon for the highest gains.

This is all we have on our Pokemon Sun and Moon EV Training Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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