Pokemon Sun and Moon Base Stats, Battle Stats, Modifications, IVs Tips, EVs Training, Understand Natures and Pokerus

Pokemon Sun and Moon Stats, Battle Stats, Modifications, IVs Tips, EVs Training, Understand Natures and Pokerus. Here is all that you need to know.

To get an idea of how Pokemon Sun and Moon stats work you need to get your head around the fact that every Pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses are determined based on six basic stats. The basic stats are HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed.

This is the gist of the matter and you will need to pay attention to these stats in order to get your Pokemon where you want them to. In this guide, you can learn about everything from Pokemon Sun and Moon stats to tips and EV training.

There are two other Pokemon Sun and Moon stats but these are only found in battle, so we are calling them battle stats for ease. The two battle stats are Evasion and Accuracy. These two battle stats are not dependent on the Pokemon’s basic stats but are based on the moves that a Pokemon has.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Stats

Base Stats

HP is short for health points. These are very important in the game as these indicate how much damage your Pokemon can take in battle. When your Pokemon takes a hit, the HP decrease. When the HP hit 0 your Pokemon will faint and will not longer be able to take part in the battle.

Tank Pokemon have the most health. These Pokemon can take a lot of damage before they faint. The more HP your Pokemon has the more damage it can endure and the longer it can last in battle.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, the attack of your Pokemon tells you how powerful your Pokemon is and how it will do when attacking another Pokemon. Pokemon with a high attack can deal more damage as compared to Pokemon with lower attack stats.

The defense stat tells you the degree of resistance your Pokemon has to attacks. The higher the defense stat the lesser the damage taken. The same attack will deal more damage to a Pokemon that has a lower defense stat as compared to a Pokemon that has a higher defense stat.

Special Attack
Pokemon have special moves, depending on the Pokemon’s nature. The special attack determines how much damage the special move is going to deal. Pokemon with a higher special attack stat will deal more damage when using the special ability.

Special Defense
This stat tells you how much damaged dealt by a special move the Pokemon can resist. A special move will deal more damage to a Pokemon that has a lower special defense stat.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is a turned based game and this will make you wonder, who gets the first turn. That is based on the speed stat. The Pokemon with the higher speed stat will be the first one to attack. The Pokemon with the lower speed stat will have to wait for it’s turn and hence will attack after the first Pokemon has done so.

Battle Stats

The accuracy stat tells you how often your Pokemon’s attack will be on target. Every attack has an accuracy stat and that defines how often the attack will hit or miss. The accuracy of an attack can range from 100% to 30%. 100% being that the attack will never miss no matter how many times it is used.

The evasion stat of a Pokemon tells you how often the Pokemon can dodge an incoming attack. The higher the evasion stat the fewer the attacks dealt to the Pokemon.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Stats Modifications

In a battle, every stat except for HP can be modified with an attack. Each stat can be increased six times to reach the max level and can be decreased six times to reach the minimum level. Think of it this way, if a Pokemon’s stat has been increased six times to max it out then one would need to reduce it twelve times to get it to the bare minimum level.

Both base stats and battle stats can be modified but they both work in different ways. Here we are going to talk about both of them so you can understand the difference.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Stats Modification: Base Stats

With the use of the appropriate move, you can alter stats up to a max of six levels. This means a stat can either increase of decrease a total of six times in battle.

Some moves have double the effect which means that you can only use them three times instead of six but both types of moves will add up to the same level. Here is a table to give you a clear idea of how the stats change on different levels in a battle.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Stats: Increases 

Stage     Percentage     Multiplier

1st                50%                 1.5x

2nd              100%               2x

3rd               150%               2.5x

4rth             200%              3x

5th               250%              3.5x

6th               300%              4x

Pokemon Sun And Moon Stats: Decreases

Stage     Percentage     Multiplier

1st                33.3%                 0.666x

2nd              50%                    0.50x

3rd               60%                   0.4x

4rth             66.6%                 0.333x

5th               71.5%                 0.285x

6th               75%                    0.25x

Pokemon Sun And Moon Stats Modification: Battle Stats

The Battle stats are pretty much the same as the base stats but the difference is in the values. The values of increase and decrease for the base and battle stats are different.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Stats: Accuracy increase/ Evasion decrease

Stage     Percentage     Multiplier

1st                33%                    1.33x

2nd              66%                    1.66x

3rd              100%                   2x

4rth             133%                   2.33x

5th               166%                   2.66x

6th              200%                   3x

Pokemon Sun And Moon Stats: Accuracy decrease/ Evasion increase

Stage     Percentage     Multiplier

1st                25%                    0.75x

2nd              40%                   0.6x

3rd               50%                   0.5x

4rth             57.2%                 0.428x

5th               62.5%                 0.375x

6th              66%                     0.33x

Pokemon Sun And Moon IVs

These are stats that are different for each Pokemon and hence each and every Pokemon in the game is unique. Unfortunately, these are not one of those Pokemon Sun And Moon Stats that you can look up in a menu.

In order to learn more about IVs, you can find different calculators on the internet. In the game, you can talk to different NPCs to learn about IVs as well. But you will find that information from calculators is more useful.  

IVs will tell you how high or low a base stat can be. IVs range from 0-31. 0 is the worst that you can get and 31 is the best possible IV for a stat.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Hidden Powers

Hidden power is a special attack, the type of this attack depends on the Pokemon that is using it as well as the IVs.

Breeding For Better IVs

If you have a Pokemon with a good set of IVs then you can pass a specific stat down to another Pokemon through breeding. All you need to do is give the parent Pokemon the appropriate item and you can pass down a specific stat or numerous random stats.

Here is a list of items you need for passing down different stats in the game:

Item Name          IV Type

Power Weight         HP IVs

Power Bracer           Attack IVs

Power Belt                Defense IVs

Power Lens               Special Attack IVs

Power Band              Special Defense IVs

Power Anklet            Speed IVs

Destiny Knot            5 Random IVs from both parents

An important thing to note is that if you give different power items to both parents then the IVs of the offspring will be selected randomly so be sure to select the same type of items.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Characteristics

Characteristics of the Pokemon found in the summary screen usually depict the best IV stat but this does not tell how much the IV actually is. This means that the attack could be higher than the rest of the stats but it could also be 9, on the scale of 0 to 31.

That is not all that great. Here is a table that will tell you how to decipher the Pokemon characteristics.

If you find one of these characteristics than the highest IV is HP:

  • Loves to eat
  • Takes plenty of siestas
  • Nods off a lot
  • Scatters things often
  • Likes to relax

If you find one of these characteristics than the highest IV is attack:

  • Proud of its power
  • Likes to thrash about
  • A little quick tempered
  • Likes to fight
  • Quick tempered

If you find one of these characteristics than the highest IV is defense:

  • Sturdy body
  • Capable of taking hits
  • Highly persistent
  • Good endurance
  • Good perseverance

Special Attack
If you find one of these characteristics than the highest IV is special attack:

  • Highly curious
  • Mischievous
  • Thoroughly cunning
  • Often lost in thought
  • Very finicky

Special Defense
If you find one of these characteristics than the highest IV is special defense:

  • Strong willed
  • Somewhat vain
  • Strongly defiant
  • Hates to lose
  • Somewhat stubborn

If you find one of these characteristics than the highest IV is speed:

  • Likes to run
  • Alert to sounds
  • Impetuous and silly
  • Somewhat of a clown
  • Quick to flee

Pokemon Sun and Moon IVs

Effort values are used to make Pokemon stronger in a specific stat. These used to be hidden but that has changed as the franchise has evolved. The effort values make Pokemon unique but unlike IVs these have to be earned for each Pokemon by battling. Effort values can also be increased with the help of specific in-game items as well.

To increase a stat by one point you need to have four effort points. This means that if you need to increase attack by 3 points then you need to have 12 effort points in order to do so. For each Pokemon you defeat in battle you will get three EV points for a single stat. There are also a few Pokemon that will give you EV points for two stats as well but that is rare.

With each level your Pokemon achieves in the games stats will increase accordingly. You can get +2 for attack or +3 for defense and so on. EV training determined how much each stat increases. EV training will help your Pokemon become stronger with each level up.

A maximum of 252 EV points can be allocated to a single stat and a total of 510 EV points can be allocated to the six stats combined.

Here are the items that can be used to add EVs:

Vitamins      EVs added to stat

HP Up             HP

Protein            Attack

Iron                  Defense

Calcium           Special Attack

Zinc                  Special Defense

Carbos             Speed

Each item adds 10 EV points to a stat and you can use each item 10 times for a stat. This means that a total of 100 EV points can be added to a stat using these items but if the EV points allocated are already 510 then they cannot be used.

Not only can you add EV points using items but you can also remove EV points by using special items as well. Here are the items that allow you to remove EV points and alter Pokemon Sun and Moon stats:

Berries       EVs taken from

Pomeg           HP

Kelpsy            Attack

Qualot            Defense

Hondew         Special Attack

Grepa             Special Defense

Tamato           Speed

If the EV points are above 100 then the first berry used will reduce EVs to 100. All berries used after this will reduce EVs by 10 points. Held items can increase gaining EV points by 4 points. Here are the items you need to equip in order to gain EV points faster

EV-enhancing items      EVs added to

Power Weight                        HP

Power Bracer                         Attack

Power Belt                              Defense

Power Lens                             Special Attack

Power Band                            Special Defense

Power Anklet                          Speed

Sharing EVs in Battle

Exp. Share is an item that not only distributes experience with the party but EV as well. If you defeat a Pokemon in battle and you gain an EV point then the rest of the party will also get an EV point. This item can be used to make your Pokemon stronger.

Same is the case if you switch Pokemon in battle. But in this case, the whole party will not get EV points. Only the two Pokemon that faced the opposing Pokemon and defeated it will be rewarded EV points. This is another method you can use to level up and make your Pokemon stronger, faster.

Pokerus is a virus in the game but it is not a harmful virus. This is actually pretty useful to get. If one of your Pokemon is affected by this virus then that Pokemon will be able to gain EV points at double the speed. This can be used to make your Pokemon very strong in a very short amount of time but this virus is very rare to come by in the wild.

Luckily with online trading options, it is easier to get if you really want it. Pokerus can be caught by battling a wild Pokemon that already has it. Once you have caught the virus the word Pokerus will be shown on the Pokemon’s summary screen.

At the Pokecenter the nurse will also tell you about Pokerus when you have caught it for the first time. Having the infected Pokemon in your party and battling other Pokemon will allow you to spread the virus amongst your party members.

How long the virus stays contagious varies from virus to virus but it can last from one to four days. Once the virus is no longer contagious, other Pokemon will not be able to catch it but the affected Pokemon will still have it.

Pokemon Sun and Moon EV Training, Fast EV

You can EV train quickly using the Super Training App but if you have the proper items you will not need the app. What you need to do is have a horde encounter. Use Honey to do that or use the Sweet Scent move. W

hen you encounter a horde use an attack that damages all the Pokemon. Here are the items that you will need to EV train quickly and increase Pokemon Sun and Moon stats:

Items                                            EV Points

Pokerus or Macho Branch           10

Pokerus and Macho Branch        20

Power Item                                       9

Pokerus and Power Item              18

Understanding Pokemon Natures

Nature is what makes a Pokemon unique. There are 25 types of natures and these are random for Pokemon that you capture. Out of these 25 natures, 20 natures will increase a specific base stat y 10% and also decrease a base stat by 10%.

Here are the effects of natures on Pokemon stats:

Nature       +10%                    -10%                    Favorite Flavor      Hated Flavor

Adamant      Attack                    Special attack       Spicy                             Dry

Brave            Attack                     Speed                    Spicy                              Sweet

Lonely          Attack                     Defense                 Spicy                              Sour

Naughty       Attack                     Special defense   Spicy                              Bitter

Bold              Defense                  Attack                    Sour                               Spicy

Impish         Defense                  Special Attack       Sour                               Dry

Lax                Defense                 Special defense     Sour                               Bitter

Relaxed        Defense                 Speed                      Sour                               Sweet

Modest         Special attack      Attack                     Dry                                 Spicy

Mild              Special attack      Defense                  Dry                                 Sour

Quiet             Special attack      Speed                     Dry                                 Sweet

Rash              Special attack      Special defense    Dry                                 Bitter

Calm              Special defense   Attack                    Bitter                             Spicy

Careful          Special defense   Special attack       Bitter                             Dry

Gentle            Special defense   Defense                 Bitter                             Sour

Sassy              Special defense    Speed                    Bitter                             Sweet

Hasty             Speed                     Defense                 Sweet                             Sour

Jolly               Speed                      Special Attack     Sweet                             Dry

Naive             Speed                      Special defense   Sweet                             Bitter

Timid             Speed                      Attack                   Sweet                             Spicy

That is all that you need to know about Pokemon Sun and Moon stats. Let us know if we left anything out or you want to know about something specific.

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