Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Breeding Guide – Tips, Breeding Eggs, Abilities

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Breeding tips to help your Pokemon inherit abilities of your choice and details on Breeding Eggs.

Capturing Pokemon from the wild is definitely cool but what’s even better? Breeding your own Pokemon! Gives you a whole caring parent vibe. Players can leave two Pokemon at the Pokemon Day Care on Route 117 for breeding.

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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Breeding

If the Pokemon get along well, pretty soon there will be an Egg for players to take care of.

The egg can be placed in the empty party slot and carried around the world. As time passes and players participate in battle, the egg continues to grow and then hatches to provide a new Pokemon.

While eggs can be acquired by leaving Pokemon of opposite genders and different species, the best and sure way to get one is to leave two Pokemon of the same species and opposite gender.

If however players do leave different species Pokemon, the hatched Pokemon will almost always be from the same species as the female one left at the Day Care.

The situation is changed with a Ditto however, if players leave a Ditto with another Pokemon, irrespective of the gender, the egg will always be from the same species as the other Pokemon.

The Pokemon left at the Day Care can also pass on a move they learned at later stages to the egg.

Normally a hatched Pokemon only knows the move its species does at Lv. 1 but if both the Pokemon left at the Day Care have learnt a move which the hatched Pokemon can learn later on by leveling, it will have that move available from Lv. 1. This can be really useful when raising powerful Pokemon.

Pokemon also inherit abilities native to the species of the female Pokemon at the Day Care but players cannot control which ability is learned since its random and doesn’t depend on the ability of the parent Pokemon.

The Pokemon will have one of the two possible abilities. Although it is not guaranteed, but in most cases the inherited ability will be from the female Pokemon.

For example, a Lotad can have either Swift Swim or Rain Dish ability. If players leave a female Lombre with Swift Swim, the hatched Lotad can have Rain Dish even though the Lombre didn’t have it.

Along with these basic abilities, hatched Pokemon can also inherit Hidden Abilities granted the parent Pokemon had learned it before. A female Torchic with the Speed Boost ability can provide an egg which might hatch into a Torchic with the same hidden Speed Boost ability or regular the Blaze ability.

The hatched Pokemon can also inherit individual strengths or the base stats of a parent Pokemon.

Normally the egg inherits three strengths at random but players can use certain items to make sure the egg learns some specific strengths such as Speed by giving the Power Anklet to the parent Pokemon before dropping them off at the Day Care.

Some special pairings such as Illumise with a male Pokemon from Bug group can result in two possible eggs, an Illumise or a Volbeat.

Certain items can also help in hatching eggs. Using Oval Charm acquired from Professor Birch after completing the Hoenn Pokedex increases the chance of finding an egg at the Day Care.

Abilities like the O-Power granted by Mr. Bonding also increases the speed at which an egg hatches. To increase the number of individual strengths transferred to the egg, players can leave the Pokemon with a Destiny Knot. This causes the egg to inherit 5 base stats instead of 3.

Some eggs require a special incense to hatch into the desired Pokemon:

Breeding Eggs

To make sure the hatched pokemon is an Azurill, players need a female Marill or Azumarill while the male can be from a Fairy Group or Water Group 1. Players need to give a Sea Incense to one of the pokemon before leaving them at the Day Care

The female needs to be a Wobbuffet while the male can be any Pokemon from the Amorphous Group. Giving one of them a Lax Incense guarantees a Wynaut egg.

Female can be Roselia or Roserade while male can be from the Fairy or Grass Group. A Rose Incense is needed for a Budew egg.

Handing a Pure Incense to a Chimecho female paired with any male from the Amorphous Group results in a Chingling egg.

If you find anything confusing, comment and we will help you out!

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