Pokemon Legends Arceus Evolution Methods, How to Evolve Every Pokemon

We have prepared a detailed guide on all the different types of Evolutions in Pokemon Legends Arceus and how you can achieve them.

One of the core features of any Pokemon game is the Evolution mechanic. Evolutions bring about new appearances and powers for your Pokemon. Since these are so important, we have prepared a detailed guide on all the different Evolutions in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Evolutions

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Different Pokemon evolve through different methods. For example, some Pokemon evolve after increasing your friendship levels with them. Some need special conditions, and some need special items. One of the more common ways to evolve Pokemon is through leveling.

The Pokemon Legends Arceus Evolutions guide is neatly divided into sections for each type of evolution process. One of the key changes to the evolution system comes in the form of control.

Players can now control when to evolve their Pokemon, which was previously an automated process. Once the right conditions are met, an option to evolve your Pokemon will appear in your menu. All evolutions will take place from this menu now.

Some Pokemon can have more than one evolution method as well. Not only that, but some Pokemon can have multiple evolutions, depending on the conditions under which they are evolved.

Leveling Evolutions

Leveling is the most common method for evolutions and is the one that works for the majority of the Pokemon in the game. Just level up your Pokemon by partaking in battles and events, and eventually, the option to evolve will become available in the menu.

Below is the list of Pokemons and the level that you need to reach to evolve into its successor.

Pokemon Evolution #1 Evolution #2
Abra Kadabra – Lvl 16
Barboach Whiscash – Lvl 30
Bergmite Avalugg – Lvl 37
Bidoof Bibarel – Lvl 15
Bronzor Bronzong – Lvl 33
Buizel Floatzel – Lvl 26
Cherubi Cherrim – Lvl 25
Chimchar Monferno – Lvl 14 Infernape – Lvl 36
Cranidos Rampardos – Lvl 30
Croagunk Toxicroak – Lvl 37
Cyndaquil Quilava – Lvl 17 Hisuian Typhlosion – Lvl 36
Drifloon Drifblim – Lvl 28
Duskull Dusclops – Lvl 37
Elekid Electabuzz – Lvl 30
Finneon Lumineon – Lvl 31
Gastly Haunter – Lvl 25
Geodude Graveler – Lvl 25
Gible Gabite – Lvl 24 Garchomp – Lvl 48
Glameow Purugly – Lvl 38
Goomy Sliggoo – Lvl 50
Hippopotas Hippowdon – Lvl 34
Hisuian Zorua Hisuian Zoroark – Lvl 30
Kricketot Kricketune – Lvl 10
Machop Machoke – Lvl 28
Magby Magmar – Lvl 30
Magikarp Gyarados – Lvl 20
Magnemite Magneton – Lvl 30
Oshawott Dewott – Lvl 17 Hisuian Samurott – Lvl 36
Paras Parasect – Lvl 24
Piplup Prinpulp – Lvl 16 Empoleon – Lvl 36
Ponyta Rapidash – Lvl 40
Psyduck Golduck – Lvl 33
Ralts Kirlia – Lvl 20 Gardevoir – Lvl 30
Remoraid Octillery – Lvl 25
Rhyhorn Rhydon – Lvl 42
Rowlet Dartrix – Lvl 17 Hisuian Decidueye – Lvl 36
Rufflet Hisuian Braviary – Lvl 54
Shellos Gastrodon – Lvl 30
Shieldon Bastiodon – Lvl 30
Shinx Luxio – Lvl 15 Luxray – Lvl 30
Skorupi Drapion – Lvl 40
Snorunt Glaile – Lvl 42
Snover Abomasnow – Lvl 40
Spheal Sealeo – Lvl 32 Walrein – Lvl 44
Starly Staravia – Lvl 14 Staraptor – Lvl 34
Stunky Skuntank – Lvl 34
Swinub Piloswine – Lvl 33
Teddiursa Ursaring – Lvl 30
Tentacool Tentacruel – Lvl 30
Turtwig Grotle – Lvl 18 Torterra – Lvl 32
Wurmple Cascoon – Lvl 7 Dustox – Lvl 10
Wurmple (Alt. Evolution Path) Silcoon – Lvl 7 Beautifly – Lvl 10
Zubat Golbat – Lvl 22

Different Pokemon will have different Level requirements before they unlock evolutions, though. Some Pokemon can have two evolutions, each stronger than the last and requiring different level points.

Pokemon That Evolve Through Items and Evolution Stones

Another classic method with a tweak that makes life easy has returned in legends Arceus. Stone Evolutions are common to other Pokemon games as well. Although, previously, you had to have the stone in the Pokemon’s inventory while trading it for the Pokemon to Evolve.

That requirement has been removed. Now just having the stone is enough for the Evolve prompt to be visible in the menu. And Pokemon that could only be evolved by trading can now be evolved using the Linking Cord.

You can visit most vendors and at the exchange item store to get stones. They are rewarded for completing side quests and requests and can also drop during Space-Time Distortions and finally can be dropped from the Mystery Gifts.

All Pokemon you can Evolve this way are listed below:

Fire Stone

Ice Stone

Leaf Stone

  • Eevee to Leafeon
  • Hisuian Voltob to Hisuian Electrode

Thunder Stone

  • Eevee to Jolteon
  • Pikachu to Raichu
  • Magneton to Magnezone

Metal Coat

  • Onix to Steelix
  • Scyther to Scizor

Dusk Stone

  • Misdreavus to Mismagius
  • Murkrow to Honchkrow

Dawn Stone

  • Kirlia (male) to Gallade
  • Snorunt (female) to Froslass

Shiny Stone

  • Roselia to Roserade
  • Togetic to Togekiss

Linking Cord

  • Graveler to Golem
  • Machoke to Machamp
  • Happiny to Chansey
  • Kadabra to Alakazam
  • Haunter to Gengar

Razor Claw

  • Johto Sneasel to Weavile (nighttime)
  • Hisuian Sneasel to Sneasler (daytime)

Also, some items evolve only singular Pokemon; these are:

  • Water Stone: Eevee to Vaporeon
  • Sun Stone: Petilil to Hisuian Lilligant
  • Moon Stone: Clefairy to Clefable
  • Oval Stone: Happiny to Chansey
  • Electirizer: Electabuss to Electvire
  • Dubious Disc: Porygon2 to Porygon-Z
  • Magmarizer: Magmar to Magmortar
  • Peat Block: Ursaring to Ursaluna (use during a full moon)
  • Protector: Rhydon to Rhyperior
  • Razor Fang: Gilgar to Glisor
  • Reaper Cloth: Dusclops to Dusknoir
  • Upgrade: Porygon to Porygon2

Evolutions through Moves and Battles

There are a few Pokemon whose evolutions are based on their move sets. These Pokemon fall under one of two categories. The first category is of Pokemon that can evolve by learning new moves, and the second includes Pokemon that evolve by using their moves.

Let’s look at Pokemon, who evolve once they learn a move and equip it.

  • Learn Double Hit to evolve Aipom to Ambipom, it learns this naturally at level 25.
  • Learn Mimic to evolve Mime Jr to Mr. Mime, learned at level 25
  • Learn Ancient Power to evolve Tangela to Tangrowth, level 34
  • Learn Ancient Power to evolve Yanma to Yanmega, level 34
  • Learn Mimic to evolve Bonsly to Sudowoodo, level 29
  • Learn Rollout to evolve Piloswine to Mamoswine, level 34

Now for the Pokemon that need to use their moves to evolve.

Piloswine to Mamoswine

Use Psyshield Bash 20 times in Agile Style

Qwilfish to Overqwil

Use Barb Barrage Bash 20 times in Strong Style

Basculin to Basculegion

Use the move Double Edge, which also hurts you enough times to get damaged by it 300 times.

Evolutions Through Friendships

Some Pokemon require a strong bond to evolve. These Pokemon require you to spend time with them to increase your bond together by battling with you and healing them. After a certain threshold of friendship, they are ready to evolve.

Although there isn’t a way for you to see your friendship stats with your Pokemon from your menus. There however is an NPC who can tell it to you, his name is Belamy, and he is first introduced in Quest 28, Measuring your Compatibility.

These Pokemon are:

  • Budew to Roselia
  • Buneary to Lopunny
  • Chingling to Chimecho
  • Cleffa to Clefairy
  • Eevee to Espeon (daytime)
  • Eevee to Umbreon (nighttime)
  • Eevee to Sylveon (needs a Fairy-type move equipped)
  • Golbat to Crobat
  • Muchlax to Snorlax
  • Pichu to Pikachu
  • Riolu to Lucario
  • Togepi to Togetic

Location-based Evolutions in Hisui

Some Pokemon can be evolved once you take them to the right locations in Pokemon Legends. Some of these may even require an item to evolve otherwise, so you save on using that item. These Pokemon that evolve by going to certain locations across Hisui in Pokemon Areceus are:

Eevee to Leafeon

The Heartwood area of the Obsidian Fieldlands.

Eevee to Glaceon

Go to the Alabaster Icelands and then the Bonechill Wastes. Inside a cavern, there’s an Icy Rock; evolve near that.

Magneton to Magnezone

The Coronet Highlands.

Nosepass to Probopass

The Coronet Highlands.

Sliggoo to Goodra

Anywhere when it’s raining.

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