Pokemon Legends Arceus Eevee Location, How to Evolve, Type and Abilities

Eevee is an evolution Pokemon and one that has gotten more and more attention in recent years and will make...

Eevee is an evolution Pokemon and one that has gotten more and more attention in recent years and will make a great addition to any team. This guide will teach you Where to Find Eevee in Pokemon Legends Arceus. We will also take a look at the stats and abilities of this Pokemon.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Eevee Location

Eevee can be found in the wild as an uncommon encounter in Hisui. Eevee has the highest chance of being found near a pond in the northern part of the Horseshoe Plains in the Obsidian Fieldlands.

How to Catch Eevee

Eevee attacks you as soon as she spots you, so be careful of your approach. A better way is to use the tall grass to your advantage and sneak up on Eevee and try to catch it.

It would really help to have Great Balls or Ultra Balls to help easily capture Eevee. The only other method is to fight and capture her.

Base Stats

  • HP: 55
  • Attack: 55
  • Defense: 50
  • Special Attack: 65
  • Special Defense: 65
  • Speed: 55

Eevee Abilities

Run Away:  With this ability, a battle with a wild Pokemon can be fled, this works in all circumstances and conditions.

Adaptability: Increases effectiveness of Stab Moves

Anticipation (Hidden Move): The Pokemon shudders to warn ahead of time if opponents have effective moves against it or have one-hit KO moves.

As Eevee levels up, it will learn better moves and abilities like

  • Tackle
  • Quick Attack
  • Swift
  • Baby-Doll Eyes
  • Mimic
  • Calm Mind
  • Double-Edge
  • Swift
  • Focus Energy
  • Calm Mind
  • Rest
  • Iron Tail
  • Shadow Ball

How to Evolve Eevee in PLA

Eevee has quite a lot of evolutions, 8 of them, to be precise. we will list down all the evolutions below

Evolution Item/Condition Evolved Form
Water Stone Vaporeon
Leaf Stone Leafeon
Fire Stone Flareon
Thunder Stone Jolteon
Level Up with max friendship(day-time) Espeon
Level Up with max friendship(night-time) Umbreon
Either Ice Stone or Ice Rock in Bonechill Waste’s Ice Cave Glaceon
Level Up with max friendship (with Fairy Move) Sylveon

Strengths and Weaknesses

Eevee seems to be the weakest against fighting types. So, if you do have to battle it, bring your best fighting types.

Eevee is Weak Against the following Pokemon:

  • Infernape
  • Hisuian Decidueye
  • Lucario
  • Gallade
  • Sneasler

Eevee seems to be the strongest against Ghost-type Pokemon

Eevee is Strong Against the following Pokemon:

  • Giratina Origin
  • Giratina Altered
  • Hisuian Typhlosion
  • Basculegion
  • Dusknoir

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