Where to Find All Alolan Vulpix for Request 83 in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Request 83 in Pokemon Legends Arceus is titled ‘Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow’, and it requires you to find five Alolan Vulpix in Alabaster Iceland’s Avalanche Slopes area. This guide will show you where to find all these Alolan Vulpix in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Alolan Vulpix Locations

The side quest or Request we will cover in this walkthrough requires you to perform an additional task before it becomes available. We will be going over the exact task you need to perform to unlock Request 83.

How to Unlock Request 83

Simply catch a regular Vulpix to unlock quest 83. Finding a regular Vulpix is a straightforward task. To obtain a regular Vulpix, follow the steps below.

A Vulpix can be found in the Cobalt Coastlands at Veilstone Cape. So, head to the area and simply stroll around for a while; you’ll eventually come across a Vulpix.

Catch it and return to Jubilife Village. Now, if you’ll check the professor’s blackboard in his office, a new quest, ‘Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow’ will be available.

Snow White Vulpix in the Snow Side Quest

The quest requires you to speak with Keaka, an Alolan recruit from the Security Corps. Keaka can be found in the Alabaster Icelands near the camp.

When you speak with Keaka, you’ll discover that five of his beloved Alolan Vulpix have vanished somewhere near Avalanche Slopes. He now needs your assistance in rounding up his rambunctious pack of Alolan Vulpix.

Searching for the five missing Alolan Vulpix in the snow may appear amusing, but it is a difficult task because both Alolan Vulpix and snow are the same color. Nonetheless, you should not be concerned because we have got you covered.

Where to Find All Alolan Vulpix

The Alolan Vulpix are scattered throughout the Avalanche Slopes region, but you won’t have to search the entire area because we have pinpointed their exact location. Here is a map in which all five Alolan Vulpix locations are pinpointed for your ease.

Alolan Vulpix Location # 1

Where to Find All Alolan Vulpix in Pokemon Legends Arceus

In Avalanche Slopes, the first Alolan Vulpix can be found atop a large cliff-like structure above the O.

Alolan Vulpix Location # 2

Where to Find All Alolan Vulpix in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The second Alolan Vulpix in Avalanche Slopes is hiding on the side of the walkway heading up, peering down at the slopes.

Alolan Vulpix Location # 3

Where to Find All Alolan Vulpix in Pokemon Legends Arceus

In Avalanche Slopes, the third Alolan Vulpix is hidden beside massive boulders next to some dead trees.

Alolan Vulpix Location # 4

The fourth Alolan Vulpix can be located in Avalanche Slopes on a tiny elevated area of the cliff, near to the route, and a couple of boulders and shrubs on the same ledge.

Alolan Vulpix Location # 5

The fifth and final Alolan Vulpix can also be found in the Avalanch Slopes, alongside a purple glowing spirit.


Return to Keaka with the good news that you have successfully captured all five Alolan Vulpix. Keaka will give you one of his Alolan Vulpix to reward your efforts.

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