How to Make a Pokemon Follow You in Pokemon BDSP

In this guide, we'll be showing you How to Make a Pokemon Follow You in Pokemon BDSP, and have him by your side throughout your adventure!

Pokemon BDSP allows you to make one of your Pokemon, follow you. This feature is unlocked a bit later in the game and in this guide, we will be showing you How to Make a Pokemon Follow You in Pokemon BDSP.

How to Make a Pokemon Follow You in Pokemon BDSP

First off, head to Hearthome City; given that you have defeated the second gym leader, you won’t have any problem at all in accessing this town.

Once inside Hearthome City, navigate to its Pokemon Center. Above it, you will find the entrance leading to Amity Square. So, make your way towards it.

Upon entering Amity Square, the NPC behind the counter will inform you that you can go on a stroll with your Pokemon.

However, only certain Pokemon will be eligible for this stroll and as we have noticed, these Pokemon are usually the cute ones, like Prinplup or Pikachu.

After this brief stroll, head back to the counter and then, exit Amity Square.

Once you do that, you will unlock the ability to walk with just about any Pokemon. However, this Pokemon has to be a member of your party of six Pokemon and you can only walk one Pokemon with you at a given time.

To make a Pokemon follow you, you need to navigate to the Pokemon list on the menu, select the desired Pokemon, and then choose the “Walk Together” option.

And that’s pretty much it. Now, your Pokemon will start following you around. Unfortunately, this feature is not available inside buildings. They’ll only follow you outside of buildings.

You can even interact with the walking Pokemon by approaching them and pressing A.

Doing so will prompt a response out of the walking Pokemon, occasionally providing you with some sort of item.

Can Pokemon Collect Berries While Following

Apparently, walking Pokemon are quite fond of collecting berries and they’ll collect them along the way, even if they don’t have the Pickup ability. You can then interact with them to add the berries they’ve collected to your inventory.

The type of berry a Pokemon will collect depends on the nature of the Pokemon. This means that you can farm different kinds of berries using different Pokemon.

Types of Berries that Follower Pokemon Can Collect

Below, we’ve listed down all the types of berries that can be collected by Pokemon in Pokemon BDSP:

  • Aguav Berry
  • Apicot Berry
  • Babiri Berry
  • Charti Berry
  • Chilan Berry
  • Chople Berry
  • Coba Berry
  • Colbur Berry
  • Custap Berry
  • Enigma Berry
  • Figy Berry
  • Grepa Berry
  • Haban Berry
  • Hondew Berry
  • Iapapa Berry
  • Jaboca Berry
  • Kasib Berry
  • Kebia Berry
  • Kelpsy Berry
  • Lansat Berry
  • Mago Berry
  • Micle Berry
  • Occa Berry
  • Passho Berry
  • Payapa Berry
  • Petaya Berry
  • Pomeg Berry
  • Qualot Berry
  • Rindo Berry
  • Salac Berry
  • Shuca Berry
  • Starf Berry
  • Tamato Berry
  • Tanga Berry
  • Wacan Berry
  • Wiki Berry
  • Yache Berry

How to Make More than One Pokemon Follow You

Lastly, if you’re wondering how to take out more than one Pokemon in Pokemon BDSP, out for a stroll, you can do this within the boundaries of Amity Square. If you want you can have your entire stroll Amity Square with you. However, having 4-5 Pokemon on screen might make things difficult to navigate.

Anyhow, if you want to return your walking Pokemon back to its respective ball, go to the menu and select that particular Pokemon.

How to Turn Off the Pokemon Follow Feature

If you’re starting to get annoyed with your Pokemon following you around everywhere you go, you can choose for them to stop following you.

To turn off the Walking Pokemon feature, simply open up the Pokemon menu and click on the Pokeball icon that you see next to the Pokemon that is currently following you. This icon represents the “Return to Ball” option. When you click on that, the Pokemon will stop following you.

Alternatively, if you want to select a different Pokemon to follow you, open up the Pokemon menu and first stop your current Pokemon from following you using the aforementioned method.

Then, move your cursor over the new Pokemon that you want following you and select the “Walk together” option from the dropdown menu.