Pokemon BDSP Evolution Stones Locations

In this guide, we will go through all the Evolution Stones available in Pokemon BDSP including their locations and where they can be used.

Evolving your Pokemon is a key part of any Pokemon game as without it, it is impossible to complete your Pokedex. There are various ways through which Pokemon evolve although one method through which most of the Pokemon evolve in Pokemon BDSP are evolution stones. In this guide, we will provide you with all Pokemon BDSP Evolution Stones Locations so you can collect them for your Pokemon.

Pokemon BDSP Evolution Stones

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The best and the most famous example of stone evolutions is Eevee. Eevee is known to be a Pokemon with many faces.

It can evolve in so many ways that it’s expected for the little creature to hold many more secrets for future titles. Half of the stones available in the game will probably trigger an evolution in Eevee.

But first of all, how do you evolve a Pokemon with Evolution stones in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

How to Evolve Using Evolution Stones

Triggering a Stone Evolution in BDSP is easy. Select a desired Evolutionary stone from your bag. When you select it, note that there will be a ‘Use this Item’ Option available.

Press on it and you will be sent to the Pokemon party screen where you will see which Pokemon is compatible with which stone.

Instead of playing the guessing game, just read on to see which evolution stone resonates with which Pokemon in Pokemon BDSP.

Evolution Stone Locations

Evolution Stone Location
Dawn Stone Route 225 and Mt Coronet
Dusk Stone Galactic Warehouse and Victory Road
Shiny Stone Route 228 and Iron Islands
Moon Stone Mt.Coronet and Grand Underground
Sun Stone Grand Underground
Fire Stone Fuego Ironwork
Leaf Stone Floaroma Meadow
Thunder Stone Sunyshore City and Route 229
Water Stone Route 213 and Route 230.

The best way to find multiple evolution stones in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is to go digging in the Grand Underground.

Apart from that, there are rare instances or one-off locations where you can find these evolution stones above ground as well at specific locations. However, these will only grant you one stone and to find more of the same type, you will have to go digging again in Grand Underground.

Dawn Stone

Pokemon BDSP Dawn Stone Location: Route 225 and Mt Coronet

The Dawn stone is a glittering blue stone that resembles an eye therefore is vastly different from the Water stone. You can find a Dawn Stone on Route 225 but you will need Rock Climb to reach the stone.

Once you can access Route 225 inside the Battle Zone after unlocking the National Dex, travel towards the Northern end of the Route and cross through a grassy path.

In this area, you will spot a grassy patch and a rocky sloped wall. On this Slope, use Rock Climb to scale it. On the peak, you will find a Dragon Tamer NPC.

Pokemon BDSP Dawn Stone Location

Defeat the trainer and proceed to the area behind him where you will find the Dawn Stone inside of a Pokeball.

You can also find Dawn Stone just off Route 207, within the first cave you enter at the base of Mount Coronet.

You will spot a pool of water just at the top of a set of stairs in the southernmost direction of the room. Use surf and disembark on the other side to find a Pokeball that contains Dawn Stone.

In Pokemon BDSP it can be used on two Pokemon only with a specific gender so plan out which Pokemon you need most. The following Pokemon can evolve through the Dawn stone:

Dusk Stone

Pokemon BDSP Dusk Stone Location: Galactic Warehouse and Victory Road

Like the Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone is a relatively new stone introduced to the game. It’s a dark stone, deep purple in color, which makes it distinct from all the other stones.

You will find a Dusk Stone within the Galactic Warehouse and Victory Road. If you go through with the game’s storyline, you will happen upon it.

First defeat the Team Galactic Commander, Jupiter at Lake Acuity. Pick up the Storage Key that she drops. The next point on the agenda is to travel to Veilstone City.

Locate and enter the Galactic Warehouse by using the Storage key. Venture inside to find a tiny room. Or locate a nook with a set of stairs in the upper right part of the room.

Pokemon BDSP Dusk Stone Location

You will find the Dusk Stone in a Pokeball just next to a table that has a laptop on the table.

For the 2nd location, travel to Victory Road, and on the first floor, head to the back where boulders are blocking a path.

Use Strength to push these obstacles aside and proceed to the top left part of the room. In this area, you will come across a Pokeball that contains a Dusk Stone.

Right now, you can evolve two Pokemon with the Dusk stone:

  • Murkrow to Honchkrow
  • Misdreavus to Mismagius

Shiny Stone

Pokemon BDSP Shiny Stone Location: Route 228 and Iron Islands

A rare and lustrous Stone, the Shiny stone is one of the newer stones introduced in the later generations of Pokemon.

In Iron Islands, team up with Riley to explore the mines. Find the three elevators and enter them to travel to the top of the caverns. You will find these elevators just before you spot the exit of the mines.

Once you reach the top, head to the right side of the room where you will spot a Pokeball that contains a Shiny Stone.

You can find the Shiny Stone at Route 228 within the Sandstorm. You will need a bike to navigate the Sandstorm area in order to find it.

Ride across the narrow bridge to find a Pokeball just behind two Pokemon Rangers. Make sure that you are looking at the left side of the bridge and expect a double battle with the NPCs.

The following Pokemon evolve with the Shiny Stone in Pokemon BDSP:

Moon Stone

Pokemon BDSP Moon Stone Location: Mt.Coronet and Grand Underground

The Moon Stone is known as a mysterious stone that appears black as the night sky. There is also a 5% chance to find a Moon Stone held by a wild Clefairy.

You can find a Clefairy at Mt. Coronet or in the Trophy Garden found behind the Pokemon Mansion. You could also dig up a Moon Stone in the Grand Underground area. Make sure that you enter these tunnels near or within Snowpoint City.

  • Celfairy to Clefable
  • Nidorina to Nidoqueen
  • Nidorino to Nidoking
  • Jigglypuff to Wigglytuff
  • Skitty to Delcatty

Sun Stone

Pokemon BDSP Sun Stone Location: Grand Underground

The polar opposite of the Moon Stone, the Sun Stone can be described as red as the evening sun. There is also a 5% chance to find Sun Stone being held by a wild Solrock.

You can find a wild Solrock in the Dazzling Caves, Riverbank Caves, Stargleam Caverns and Still-Water Caverns of the Grand Underground. That being said, make sure you have unlocked the National Dex.

If not, you can also dig up the Sun Stone from the Grand Underground.

You can evolve the following Pokemon with a Sun Stone:

  • Gloom to Bellosom
  • Sunkern to Sunflora

Fire Stone

Pokemon BDSP Fire Stone Location: Fuego Ironwork

The Fire Stone, like its name and color suggests, is specifically compatible with certain Fire Type Pokemon. You will find a Fire Stone in Fuego Ironwork.

Travel to Route 205 where just next to Valley Windworks is a bridge. Travel across it and surf to the west till you reach Fuego Ironworks.

Navigate through the booster pad puzzle and interact with Fuego to get your first Fire Stone.

Pokemon BDSP Fire Stone Location

You can find the second Fire Stone location to the far right of the maze, between a blue freight box and red barrels. In order to reach it, navigate the floor puzzle and stick to the right side of the room.

It’s best that you take your time and slowly solve the maze before stepping on every mechanism willy nilly.

The following Pokemon can evolve through the Fire Stone:

  • Eevee to Flareon
  • Growlithe to Arcanine
  • Vulpix to Ninetails

Leaf Stone

Pokemon BDSP Leaf Stone Location: Floaroma Meadow

Another Evolution Stone that can be used on 3 distinct Pokemon. The Leaf stone is one of the classic trio stones that has been available in the game since Generation 1.

You can find this stone in Floaroma Meadow. Travel from Fuego Ironworks towards the south. Surf across the water till you reach the northern entrance of Floaroma Meadows.

To reach the meadows travel north from the Floaroma town itself. Eventually, you will reach a set of stairs, follow the path downwards till you see flowers surrounding you.

Amidst the flowers, you will see a Pokeball that contains a Leaf Stone.

Pokemon BDSP Leaf Stone Location

The following Pokemon can evolve when exposed to the Leaf Stone:

  • Eevee to Leafeon
  • Gloom to Vileplume
  • Nuzleaf to Shiftry
  • Weepinbell to Victreebel

Thunder Stone

Pokemon BDSP Thunder Stone Location: Sunyshore City and Route 229

The Thunder Stone is known for the distinct thunderbolt pattern within the shiny exterior of the stone. You can find two of these stones in Sunyshore City and Route 229 respectively.

In Sunyshore City, locate and head towards the Lighthouse. You need to go behind the Lighthouse for the Thunder Stone. Simply follow the solar panel pathway and go down the stairs.

You will find a Pokeball at the bottom of the stairs, right beside a huge rock on the left side that faces the water.

Pokemon BDSP Thunder Stone Location

The following Pokemon evolve through the use of the Thunder Stone:

  • Pikachu to Raichu
  • Eevee to Jolteon

Water Stone

Pokemon BDSP Water Stone Location: Route 213 and Route 230.

The Water Stone is known for its beautiful blue appearance as if it holds the ocean within it. You will find a Water Stone on a floating island near Route 213. You can only access this area if your Pokemon knows Surf so be aware of that.

If you can’t remember, Route 213 is between Pastoria City and Valor Lakefront. Travel to this route then head south where you will reach a beach.

Surf and continue southwards till you find a shallow island. It will have maze-like pathways but stick towards the east where you will eventually spot a Sailor.

You can battle this NPC and afterward head north of him till you see two trainers in the middle of the water path. Just behind these trainers is a Pokeball that contains a Water Stone.

Pokemon BDSP Water Stone Location

For Route 230, you need to have your National Dex and have become the Sinnoh region Champion. Visit the Battle Tower. Travel past the Fight Area to Route 230.

Eventually, you will find a set of stairs on your right, take it and keep moving forward. Soon you will come across a crumbling rock that can be destroyed with Rock Smash.

After destroying the rock, follow this new path till you find a Pokeball which will contain a Water Stone.

The following Pokemon will evolve when exposed to the Water Stone:

  • Eevee to Vaporeon.
  • Lombre to Ludicolo
  • Shellder to Cloyster
  • Staryu to Starmie
  • Poliwhirl to Poliwrath
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