How To Get Poison Mist Incantation And Ash Of War In Elden Ring

You can get the Poison Mist Incantation from a silver Scarab in Weeping Peninsula. Poisonous Mist Ash of War can be found in Caelid.

If you’re looking to create a potent Poison build in Elden Ring, there are two powerful abilities at your disposal – Poison Mist: Ash of War and Poisonous Mist Incantation. Both can be found early on in the game while exploring the Weeping Peninsula.

With these abilities, you can silently attack enemies without warning, making Poison abilities a valuable asset in your exploration and defeating enemies. While there is a slight difference in name (poison and poisonous), both the Incantation and Ash of War have similar effect. So players have a choice here; they can either apply the Ash of War on a weapon or use the effect through Incantation. Both are quite effective.

Here is a complete guide, that will take you through the easiest way to get Poison Mist Incantation and also the Poisonous Ash of War to make your weapons crazy.

Poisonous Mist Ash of War Location

Poisonous Mist Ash of War in Elden Ring is dropped from a Teardrop Scarab in Aeonia Swamp located in Caelid. To reach this location, travel southeast from the bonfire, after some time you will see a broken wall. From here, move south.

Keep going straight, and you will find yourself in some Buried Ruins. From these Buried Ruins, again turn South-east and you’ll eventually see a Teardrop Scarab.

This ash of war is dropped by Teardrop Scarab, and killing it down can be a great hassle sometimes as it teleports.


Therefore, keep a long-range weapon with you when coming to this location, and hit Teardrop Scarab as soon as you see it. In case, you are too late doing it, it will teleport and you will now need to find it again.

However, Teardrop Scarab doesn’t go so far from its spawn location, so you’ll be eventually able to find it but still why waste so much time when you can do it at first, thus be vigilant and use your Arrows right on time.

How to Use Poisonous Mist Ash of War in Elden Ring?

Poisonous Mist, in Elden Rings, when attached to an armament, gives you a Poison skill and also an affinity to Poison both of which are of great importance to dealing with enemies.

With Poison Skill, you can cover a weapon entirely with poison. Then, as you slash the weapon, it throws forward a Poison Mist, which gives great damage to enemies it hit, just in 14 FP. Also, you can use this Skill only if you have 10 Stamina Points and each tick will build up 10 Poisons.

One of the greatest advantages of a Poison Mist attack is that you can perform it silently without making the enemy cautious. Then, with this, you can keep hitting an enemy facing away, till it gets knocked down. The Poison Buildup by Mist scales with Arcana Stats and exists for almost 20 seconds.

Poison Mist Incantation Location

Similar to Poison Mist Ash of War, the Incantation is also dropped by a Silver Scarab you will come across while exploring south Limgrave inside Weeping Peninsula. To reach the exact location, start from Castle Mourn Grace Site, and head southeast towards the area that has a bunch of trees you can see on the map.  

As you reach this spot, you” ll encounter a Silver Scarab which you need to take down exactly like the one for Ash of War. As you defeat it, it will drop incantation from Poison Mist.

How to Use Poison Mist Incantation in Elden Ring?

To use this incantation, you must have a faith level of at least 12 and be willing to spend 18 fp. When cast, it unleashes a cloud of poisonous mist directly in front of you. It’s flexible enough to be used while on the move, so you can release it while advancing or retreating from your target.

Thus using Stealth, you can get behind any boss easily, and use Poison Mist Incantation which will start effecting the enemy’s health while you’re still safe as the boss can’t attack you while the Incantation is doing its work.