How To Use Sub-Personas In Persona 5 Tactica

Sub-personas are additional personas you can equip in Persona 5 Tactica that diversify the amount of roles your characters can perform.

Sub-personas hold various benefits in increasing a player’s abilities during the Persona 5 Tactica game. Being a member of Phantom Thieves, every player can wield a secondary persona. But before doing so, you must understand its background to maximize your potential. 

Sub-personas are additional personas that can increase a player’s ability in terms of stats or skills. You can get them from the reward chest, defeat enemies, or perform persona fusions. Here is how to use them.

How to Use Sub-Personas? 

In Persona 5 Tactica, every character can have two Personas, one primary and one sub-persona. The sub-personas provide additional skills that can be used in battle to enhance strategic advantage in offense and defense. This gives an edge in accessing various elemental damage, support, and passive skills.

Sub-personas are created and equipped in the Velvet Room and can be withdrawn later to be re-equipped or used in new fusions. Stronger sub-personas should be used as you progress through the game.  

Expand the Elemental Coverage 

Sub-personas grant access to diverse skills, allowing characters to cover more elemental damage types and status ailments. This diversity discards the limitation of relying solely on specific characters for specific elemental attacks. With the right sub-personas, anyone can be specced to perform various roles.

Diversify Damage Output and Support Capabilities 

Sub-personas empower characters beyond their primary roles. Offensive characters can gain access to healing and support skills, while support characters can enhance their defensive or offensive capabilities. They are no longer limited to just one hard-coded role. This flexibility enables more diverse team compositions and strategic approaches. 

Enhance Your Character’s Offense Nature 

Sub-personas allows every character to access every elemental damage type and status ailment. This means you can stack on damage-dealing moves of different elements on any character to increase its damage output. Or expand your status ailment by making the enemy forgetful, dizzy, burnt, etc. You can also create sub-personas to cover different damage types. 

Increase Your Defensive Nature 

Sub-personas influence the character to access healing, support, and passive support. It means you can have multiple healers on your team and swap out Sub-personas to change who your support teammate is depending on the battle. You can also give passive skills to your Sub-personas to provide additional perks to your teammates, such as additional damage output, reduced damage intake, and HP or SP replenishment. 

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