Persona 5 Strikers Kyoto Jail Walkthrough

This is a complete walkthrough of the Kyoto Jail in Persona 5 Strikers, along with strategies on how to defeat the mini-bosses of this Jail.

Persona 5 Strikers will give you many Jail locations to navigate and one of the most annoying jail locations in this game is the Kyoto Jail. However, there’s no need to worry as this Persona 5 Strikers Kyoto Jail Walkthrough has got you covered. You will find a complete walkthrough of the Kyoto Jail, along with strategies on how to defeat the mini-bosses of this Jail.

Persona 5 Strikers Kyoto Jail

There are two objectives in the Kyoto Jail in P5 Strikers. The first objective will have you play Zechinki and get him to the marked location without getting seen by Shadows.

Get to the marked location by hiding in the dark and getting past Shadow enemies when they are not looking. Your first objective will be completed when you reach the location successfully.

Finding the Mother Fox Shrine

The second objective requires you to find the Father Fox Shrine. Head off to the marked location. On your way, you will face Shadows that you have to defeat to progress further. Take them out and find a Fox couple statue. This is your first checkpoint.

Head to the right where your next marker is. You will now eavesdrop on Shadows to get some information on where the Father Fox shrine is. Eavesdrop on the next two enemies inside the home. You will find out that the Father Fox shrine is on the northeast side of the complex.

Make your way towards the next marker. You will have to go through a portal on your way, which will take you to a random location on the map. Once you get through the portal, eavesdrop on the enemies.

Follow the straight path. You will find a treasure chest when you go through the portal. Defeat the enemies and keep following the path. Go through the portal and take the path on your left. Keep going straight on that path and you will be back at the Daughter Fox shrine.

From there, take the path right in front of you. Eavesdrop on the next enemies and get back on track. You will now enter the next area where two guards will be talking about a cat.

After the cutscene ends, eavesdrop on the next two enemies, and go to the path on your left.

When you go through the portal, there will be a shadow on your left blocking the path. When you defeat the shadow, the first mini-boss fight of the mission will begin.

First Mini-boss Fight

In this arena, you will face the Calamitous Cat God mini-boss. He will be guarding the Father Fox shrine. He is weak to Wind damage and spawns his minions during the fight. He will shoot blasts of fire at you and if you get too close, he will smack you with his weapon.

When you have defeated the mini-boss, a cutscene will be played where you can see the eyes of the statue have started to blink.

Make your way back to where you came from. Eavesdrop on the enemies on your way to get a clue. The clue is that to reach the Mother Fox shrine, you will have to follow this ritual:

“Couple, Harmony, Parental, Daughter, Fortune. Don’t forget to say your prayers.”

Head back to the Fox Couple statue and interact with it. You now have to pray at the above locations given in the clue in order. Pray at the Fox Couple statue and head towards the marker.

From the Fox Couple statue, head towards the path on your left, and take a left towards the next location to pray at. Now, go back to the path where you came from. When you go through the portal, keep going straight and you will reach the Parental shrine.

Head back towards the Fox Couple statue using the checkpoint and from there, go right to reach the Daughter Fox Shrine. Say your prayers there and while facing the shrine, take the path behind the shrine. You will reach the final shrine, where you will say your last prayers.

Second Mini-boss Fight

A portal will appear, which will take you to the Mother Fox Shrine. This is where you will face the second mini-boss, Monk of the Valley. He is weak to Ice and Gunfire damage. Use your Master Arts to weaken the boss and finish him off.

Main Boss Battle

From here, use the Fox Couple checkpoint to go back there. Interact with the Fox Couple statue to get through the portal and reach the final boss battle arena. You will face Akane’s Joker in the arena.

You can learn more about the final boss battle and how to defeat him in our guide for  Akane’s Joker boss.