Persona 5 Strikers Akane’s Joker Boss Guide

This guide will cover everything that you need to know before defeating Akane’s Joker boss in Persona 5 Strikers.

Akane’s Joker, a shadow version of the real Joker, is the fourth boss that players will encounter in Persona 5 Strikers. Persona 5 Strikers Akane’s Joker Boss is created by Shadow Akane Hasegawa with some serious strength. This guide will cover everything that you need to know before defeating Akane’s Joker.

Persona 5 Strikers Akane’s Joker Boss

You will encounter Akane’s Joker in P5 Strikers in Kyoto’s Jail located in the capital city of Kyoto Prefecture. Kyoto is considered the cultural capital of Japan, so you’re in for an exciting ride. Clearing Kyoto Jail will earn you the “Cage of Wrath Collapsed” trophy.

Let’s breakdown the stats and features of this boss now.

It is suggested that you reach level 45 or higher before taking down this enemy. The stagger gauge of this Joker is 4. It was made available on August 22nd and it rewards 9,800 exp and 40,040 yen in Base Game.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Akane’s Jail has a specialty to it since Akane was never supposed to be a villain but got corrupted because of Akira Konoe. Akane’s Shadow is the collection of all the Phantom Thieves together, with no major strengths or weaknesses. You will have to face Akane’s Joker and have a one on one match with it. You can bring along some consumable items to fight it.

Akane’s Joker Skills

Below are mentioned the major Akane’s Joker Skills.

  • Slash Attack
  • A slash attack targets the Joker with the help of a knife.
  • Gun Shot
  • The Gun Shot skill attacks the Joker with the help of a revolver.
  • Spinning Move
  • This move helps to rotate one of the red-colored lanterns inside the boss room. One can counter this move with a Gun if the Joker is at a suitable distance.

Essential Skills

You will be fighting a one-to-one match with this Joker, so it would be best to look at these essential skills. The Joker has an Arsene persona as mentioned above. Its Shadow consists of all the Phantom Thieves with no strengths or weaknesses.

You are only able to control the Joker during your one-to-one battle with her. The essential skills of this Joker include the following.


  • Magarula (Wind)
  • Mazionga (Elec)
  • Zionga
  • Mabufula (Ice)
  • Maragion (Fire) or Agilao
  • Megido or Megidola (Almighty)
  • Freila or Mafreila (Nuclear)


  • Tarunda
  • Dekunda
  • Rakunda
  • Sukunda


  • Tarukaja
  • Concentrate
  • Dekaja
  • Sukukaja
  • Charge
  • Rakukaja


  • Makajama
  • Nocturnal Flash
  • Touch
  • Lullaby


  • Diarama
  • Amrita Drop

This Joker can access Almighty Fire, Wind, Electricity, Nuclear skills, and Ice from other personalities, whether they are obtained or fused. It also acts as a debuff caster, buff caster, and healer.

Akane’s Joker Boss Strategies

Below are mentioned some important strategies and tricks that will help you defeat Akane’s Joker in P5 Strikers.

HP and SP Recovery Items
Before you go on a battle with Akane’s Joker, it would be best if you bring along HP and SP recovery items. These items are super accessible as they are available in vending machines, stores, restaurants, and food stands.

You will also obtain ingredients from Sophia’s Shop or other stores. You can cook these ingredients for SP and HP items.

Quick Time Battles
For a head start begin the battle with a quick time event, try your best to win this battle. You can take the Akane’s Joker down by tapping the attack button as much as you can. The Joker will stagger at one point, and another quick time event will happen shortly so be ready at all times.

Land Debuffs
To leave the boss stunned you need to watch out for quick-time events and win them. The Joker will not try to use her debuff skills. The Joker will access the Sukunda, Tarunda, and Rakunda powers and decrease their impact.

The Joker can access these powers from the Arsene and various other personas.

Cast Buffs
Maintain a safe distance from the Joker at all times. Utilize your buffs like Rakukaja, Tarukaja, and Sukukaja against her here. Note that these buffs are also accessible by the Joker. You can also utilize Charge and Concentrate buffs to boost your impact.

Almighty Attacks
We know that this Joker has no weaknesses but Almighty attacks are an effective way to inflict damage on her. To increase the impact of damage, you should use a concentrate buff.

Another effective way to take down the Joker is by inflicting ailments. The Alkane’s Joker cannot cope with mental and status ailments. These ailments may include Shock, Freeze, or Burn.

You can use attacks such as Ice attacks, Electricity attacks, and Fire attacks to inflict these ailments. To inflict mental ailments, you can use, Nocturnal Flash for Dizziness, Makajama for memory loss, Evil touch to cause fear and Dormina for sleep.

Technical Damage
After inflicting an ailment on the boss it would be best to deal with technical damage. This damage may include the usage of Nuclear, Physical, or Gun attacks.

Wind and Nuclear attacks are the best to inflict burn ailment. For mental ailments, the best option is to perform Psychokinesis attacks. It is recommended that you keep a track of Hp or SP consumption while attacking the Joker with these moves.

Terrain Gimmicks
There are two major Terrain Gimmicks in the game, these are, the Lamp Post and the Motorbike. Let’s discuss both of their strategies.

Lamp Post
To make the best out of this Gimmick, lure Akane’s Joker to the Lamp Post. You may use Phantom Dash to stand up on the post. Next, to deal with a good amount of physical damage, you have to spin.

Attract the boss near the motorbike and then destroy this bike. Not only will this inflict damage to Akane’s Joker but it will also cause ailments like Dizziness and Burn. This will make you capable of performing some further attacks before it gets a chance to retaliate.

Showtime Attacks
Showtime attacks are an amazing strategy for you to tackle this boss when nothing else is working. If you observe that the boss is impacted by ailments such as Shock, Burn or Free then use elemental Showtime attacks that deal with technical damage. You can also boost your Showtime gauge by using consumable items

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