Persona 5 Strikers Jail of the Abyss Walkthrough

In this Persona 5 Strikers Jail of the Abyss walkthrough, we will help you across the Jail of the Abyss and defeat the boss.

Persona 5 Strikers has many dungeons and Jails that you can clear in the game and these are unlocked by playing through the main story. In this Persona 5 Strikers Jail of the Abyss walkthrough, we will help you across the Jail of the Abyss.

Persona 5 Strikers Jail of the Abyss

As you start the Jail of the Abyss in P5 Strikers, head north from your location and defeat the enemies. Once you are done with them, keep heading on north where you will face another group of enemies.

Once you have dealt with the second group, turn east and then south and descend through the platforms and take out all the shadows you face in your way. Once you have reached the lowest platform, clear the shadow here.

With the shadow gone, look around for the capture point that will lead you ahead to the next platform. Once you get to the platform after getting the capture point, the platform that you get to also has the first treasure chest. It contains Fox Weapon x1.

Once you have opened the chest, drop to the lower platform on your right and head north. In the northeast, you will encounter the first mini boss of the level, the Mot mini boss.

With the mini boss down, enter the door way and follow the pathway into the next room. You are now in the Sacred Chest Room. As you enter, you’ll face Abaddon in battle, another mini boss of the level.

With Abadoon taken care of, you then head to the back door of the room, and as soon as you enter the next room, Sophia’s persona awaken. Next, this is followed by the boss battle with Hectoncheires.

To get to know more about the boss battle of Jail of the Abyss, visit our guide on the Kuon Ichinose Boss Battle.

You’ll face many enemies in the Jail of the Abyss. Here is a list of the basic enemies as well as the mini bosses that you’ll face in the P5 Strikers Jail of the Abyss.

Regular Enemies

Enemy Level Type Weakness
Bugbear Level 53 Normal Nuke, Bless
Lilith Level 54 Normal Fire
Nebiros Level 55 Normal Bless
Mot Level 57 Normal Wind

Mini Bosses

Enemy Level Type Weakness
Bugbear Mini-Boss Nuke, Bless
Mot Mini-Boss Wind
Abaddon Mini-Boss Psy, Nuke
Mithras (Dire Shadow) Mini-Boss Ice, Bless, Curse, Phys and Gun

Bugbear may appear as a mini-boss in the jail, but it is mostly a pushover. Bugbear is weak to Nuke and Bless attacks. Longer combos on the boss have more chances of stunning him.

Like the regular version of Mot, he is still weak to Wind attacks and gets a few new attacks in his arsenal to watch out for.

Abaddon is weak to Psy and Nuke attacks, making him an easy target to defeat in battle.

Mithras is a Dire shadow and the second last of the line. He is weak to Ice, Bless and Curse. This will be the most challenging fight after the boss fight.

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