How To Defeat Persona 5 Shadow Kaneshiro Boss?

In Persona 5 Royal, Kaneshiro converted his palace into a bank and manipulated people to pay him. When you are around his palace, you will...

Persona 5 Royal returns the corrupt businessman, Junya Kaneshiro, with more power and greed. Shadow Kaneshiro’s fight differs slightly from its original form. Here, you’ll face two distinct phases, each demanding a different strategy. The first involves a hulking mechanical monstrosity guarding the true villain. The second phase puts Kaneshiro himself in the spotlight, unleashing a series of devastating attacks.

This two-phase boss battle demands strategic thinking and a well-prepared team. This guide contains the necessary information to help you defeat Shadow Kaneshiro in Persona 5 Royal.

How to Find Shadow Kaneshiro in Persona 5?

Complete the initial exploration and Makoto’s awakening; the next phase will be invading the third palace, also known as Kaneshiro’s Palace, with only the choice of six phantom thieves. Choose your party, and the cutscene will end by taking you to the front door of the palace, which has turned into a bank.

The front door will be unavailable, so you must find the secret entrance on the right (a golden pig statue) to enter. Explore the bank, going to the third dungeon and the treasure room. Use the password 1841 to unlock the elevator, which will take you back to the real world, where you will encounter the Shadow Kaneshiro.

Shadow Kaneshiro Phase 1: Piggytron

This phase is a little hard to defeat with a level of 25 and an HP of 2500. But if you learn about its attacks, you can beat it. His attacks include Ocular Vulcan, Metabolic Wave, Missile Party, and Fear Gas. The first two are physical attacks, and the last are elemental attacks. Ocular Vulcan does heavy damage to one target only, while the other three target the entire party.

Now that you know about its attacks, you must dodge them and wait for an opportunity to inflict heavy damage on Piggytron. You should have a team member who can cast Media and Diarama. Also, you can lower his HP by casting Tarunda. Once you successfully lower its HP, it will switch to V.I.P form.

Shadow Kaneshiro Phase 2: Super V.I.P Form

This form is far more dangerous because, with this form, it will attack with a new skill (March of the piggy). This attack involves it spinning fast and then rolling over any nearby persons. So, whenever you see it spinning around, run away from its path to save yourself from the loss of HP.

However, this attack creates an opening for you to attack Kaneshiro. If you can dodge the Piggytron’s attack and attack Kaneshiro, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

Shadow Kaneshiro and the Special Guards

After you have inflicted heavy damage on the Piggytron, Kaneshiro will step down from it and fight you with his two guards. You cannot attack Kaneshiro, as the guards will block your attack.

The flying guard will inflict a power slash attack on a single target, while the giant guard will inflict physical damage trying to knock you down. You should focus on putting them all to sleep first and then attacking them to inflict damage. You must watch out for his special attack, Lullaby, which can put your team to sleep. To counter his special attack, you need to have ailment-curing skills.

Kaneshiro will use another attack, Make it Rain, which can cause heavy damage to you, so simply dodge the attack as it will cause him to lose all the cash, and the guards will leave him. When he has no guards beside him, use all your ailment and physical skills, and eventually, you will be able to defeat him.

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