How To Defeat Persona 5 Shadow Kaneshiro Boss

The main boss of Kaneshiro’s Bank Palace in P5R is none another than Shadow Kaneshiro, also known as Beal. In Persona 5 Royal, Shadow Kaneshiro converted his palace into a bank and manipulated people to pay him. When you are around his palace, you will see many people walking to ATMs for him.

Read the guide below to learn about Shadow Kaneshiro’s weaknesses and strategy to defeat Shadow Kaneshiro in Persona 5 Royal.

Shadow Kaneshiro weaknesses and resistances

As defeating the Shadow Kaneshiro requires you to go through a couple of battle phases, you must know his weaknesses and resistance. The Piggytron (second phase) has no weaknesses and no significant opposition to any ailment.

As for Kaneshiro, he has a weakness towards curse and electric skills in P5R. So, take advantage of his weakness and prepare a team that exploits this weakness and guides you to victory. Make sure to add members on your team that has healing power and be able to debuff any attack from the enemy.

As the level of the Shadow Kaneshiro is 25, and the Piggytron (second phase) has level 25, so you at least need to be at level 20 to have a chance of defeating him in Persona 5 Royal. As mentioned above, they both have a few weaknesses to exploit; you need to be at recommended level to defeat them.

Strategy to defeat Shadow Kaneshiro in Persona 5 Royal

Shadow Kaneshiro boss fight in P5 Royal has two phases. The first phase is against the piggy bank, and the second is against him and his two guards. There are different strategies to follow in each of these phases, so let’s go through each of the phases with the strategies and tips to defeat Persona 5 Shadow Kaneshiro. 


Piggytron Phase

It is a little hard to defeat with a level of 25 and an HP of 2500. But if you learn about its attacks, you can beat it. His attacks include Ocular Vulcan, Metabolic Wave, Missile Party, and Fear Gas. The first two are physical attacks, and the last is elemental attacks.

Now that you know about its attacks, you must dodge them and wait for an opportunity to inflict heavy damage on Piggytron. Once you successfully lower its HP, it will switch to V.I.P form.

This form is far more dangerous because, with this form, it will attack with a new skill (March of the piggy). This attack involves it spinning fast and then rolling over any nearby persons. So, whenever you see it spinning around, run away from its path to save yourself from the loss of HP.

However, this attack creates an opening for you to attack Kaneshiro in Persona 5. If you can dodge the Piggytron’s attack and attack Kaneshiro, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

After you have inflicted heavy damage to the Piggytron, Kaneshiro will step down from it and fights you himself. With this, the second phase of the fight starts.

Put Shadow Kaneshiro guards to sleep

When Kaneshiro steps down the Piggytron, he calls his two guards (Bodyguard-for-hire and Hitman-for-hire) for assistance. With these two guards by his side, you cannot inflict significant damage on him because these guards will block any attack from you.

With these guards, Kaneshiro can attack an ailment damage called Lullaby in Persona 5 Royal. If you are attacked with this ailment, you will instantly fall asleep, allowing Kaneshiro to attack you physically. For this attack, you need to have ailment-curing skills.

You should focus on Kaneshiro, as he is your main villain. Look for a chance to put these guards to sleep and then use heavy attacks on Kaneshiro. However, if you manage to attack Kaneshiro, he will use his new attack (Make it rain), which will cause you heavy damage.

Don’t push back; just dodge this attack, and follow the same strategy. Because if Kaneshiro uses his new attack again, he will lose all his cash. Seeing this, Kaneshiro’s guards will leave him as he has nothing to pay them in Persona 5.

When he has no guards beside him, use all your ailment and physical skills to lower his HP, and eventually, you will be able to defeat him.

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