How To Get The True Ending In Persona 5 Royal

The True Ending or the best ending requires you to unlock the third semester and then follow a specific course of action in Persona 5 Royal.

There are multiple endings to unlock in Persona 5 Royal based on what choices you make during your progression. The true ending, also considered to be the best ending, can only be unlocked by choosing the 3rd semester.

However, make the wrong choices in the 3rd semester and you can also unlock a bad ending. Persona 5 Royal fans who want to see the true ending of the game need to only follow the requirements given below.

True ending requirements

The True Ending or the best ending requires you to unlock the third semester and then follow a specific course of action. Your actions determine the type of ending you will achieve.

If you take offers from any antagonist, then you will not achieve the true ending. Following are the requirements you need to fulfill for True Ending.

Takuto Maruki Confidant Rank 9

Takuto Maruki is unlocked on May 13th and needs to be Rank 9 Confidant before 18th November. You need this to unlock the third semester so it is better to tick this requirement off your list quickly.

Goro Akechi Confidant Rank 8

You also need a high Confidant ranking for Goro Akechi to unlock the true ending in Persona 5 Royal.

Goro Akechi unlocks on 10th June and you need to reach Rank 8 Confidant before 18th December. You will have free time to reach Akechi’s Confidant and progress to Level 8 gradually.

Upgrading to Rank 3 requires Charm and Knowledge, both at level 3.

Rank 6 and 7 are initially unavailable but eventually become available. They are unlocked by meeting Akechi and having Knowledge Level 4 respectively.

Finally, you can acquire Rank 8 by taking part in a solo battle and winning.

Kasumi Yoshizawa Confidant Rank 5

Kasumi Yoshizawa unlocks on May 30th and you need to reach Confidant Rank 5 before the 18th of December. This is quite easy as there are no special requirements to progress and you only have to accept her invitations.

Appropriate Dialogue Choices

In order to reach the True Ending in Persona 5 Royal, players must make sure that they choose the correct Dialogue options by rejecting all the offers from antagonists.

You will be offered two deals on 20th November and then 24th December. You need to reject both of them and progress further till 9th January.

After reaching 9th January, you also have to reject from playing through the Palace.

Lastly, on 2nd February you will be given a Dialogue Choice where you have to select the “We’re stopping” option and then reject the offer.

After meeting all these requirements, you can get the Persona 5 Royal True Ending.

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