Persona 5 Drink Fanatic Trophy Guide

In our Persona 5 Drink Fanatic Trophy Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about buying every kind of drink from vending machines in the game to earn the Dink Fanatic Trophy.

There are quite a lot of types of drinks available in Persona 5. However, you don’t need to buy all of them to earn the said Trophy.

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Persona 5 Drink Fanatic Trophy

The first thing that you need to know about earning the ‘Drink Fanatic’ Trophy is that you’ll acquire drinks other than the ones from the vending machines that don’t count towards the Trophy.

There are plenty of vending machines scattered throughout Tokyo and each one of them contains different drinks. Do note that you don’t need to buy all the drinks from each of these vending machines.

To earn the Trophy, you need to drink every kind of drink from the vending machines – regardless of where the vending machines are located! Here are the drinks that you need to earn the Trophy:

  • Second Maid: Vending Machine #1 at Akhihabara
  • Earl Green: Vending Machine #1 at Akhihabara
  • Manta: Vending Machine #1 at Akhihabara
  • Udagawa Soda: Vending Machine #1 Akhihabara
  • Ultimate Amazake: Vending Machine #1 Akhihabara
  • Mayo Locust: Vending Machine #2 at Akhihabara
  • Miso Starfish: Vending Machine #2 at Akhihabara
  • Mystery Stew: Vending Machine #2 at Akhihabara
  • Strawberry Curry: Vending Machine #2 at Akhihabara
  • Odd Morsel: Vending Machine #3 at Akhihabara
  • Rancid Gravy: Vending Machine #3 at Akhihabara
  • Muscle Drink: Vending Machine #3 at Akhihabara
  • Creature: Vending Machine #4 at Shinjuku
  • Dr. Salt NEO: Vending Machine #4 at Shinjuku
  • Water of Rebirth: Vending Machine #4 Shinjuku
  • Arginade: Vending Machine #4 at Shinjuku
  • Joylent: Vending Machine #5 at Shibuya
  • Mad Bull: Vending Machine #5 at Shibuya
  • Muscle Tea: Vending Machine #5 at Shibuya
  • Oh! Shiruko: Vending Machine #5 at Shibuya
  • Udagawa Water:  Vending Machine #5 Shibuya
  • Durian-au-Lait: Vending Machine #6 at Shibuya
  • 1UP: Vending Machine #6 at Shibuya
  • Starvicks: Vending Machine #6 at Shibuya
  • Nastea:  Vending Machine #6 at Shibuya
  • Chunky Potage: Vending Machine #6 at Shibuya

As for the vending machines, they are in Yongen-Jaya, Shibuya, Aoyama-Itchome, Shinjuku, and Akhihabara.

Do note that some of the vending machines in the game are in underground subway stations but since there are no exclusive drinks, you shouldn’t worry too much!

Lastly, not all Persona 5 drinks are available from the very onset of the game. You’ll have to progress through the game to unlock all of them. Keeping this in mind, I recommend buying these drinks during late-game.

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