Persona 4 Golden Leveling And Experience Farming Guide

Leveling up by farming experience in Persona 4 Golden is one of the things that all players will be doing since it is one of the most important aspects of the game. It is essential for success when playing Persona 4 Golden. This is because, no matter what difficulty a player chooses, if their level is lower than the recommended level to fight a boss, they are going to have a tough time. 

If you’re wondering how you can quickly gain EXP in Persona 4 Golden, then you’re at the right place since, in this guide, we will be doing a complete breakdown of how you can level up and gain experience quickly in Persona 4 Golden. 

Persona 4 Golden experience farming

As discussed above, leveling up is an essential mechanism of Persona 4. Regardless of the difficulty you choose, players will often have to level up before they can fight against a dungeon boss. 

Due to the length of the game, regardless of what the players do at the moment, they will be near the max level by the end of P4 Golden anyway. However, if you’re still looking for ways to level up quickly, this is where the problem comes in.

Even though most players can level up as the story progresses, constantly engaging in combat in the endless dungeons available will eventually become a tiring method of Persona 4 experience farming. This is the point forwards that players must grind to level up on time. 

The game’s length is also positively in favor of the players since it provides them ample time to prioritize and track several different activities. Not only will this help them catch up, but it will also aid them in their quest to work on their constant leveling-up grind, 

Following are the best ways that you can use to improve their Persona 4 Golden leveling process and gain levels quickly. 

Farm golden hands

While battling within the dungeons, players encounter special enemies known as Golden Hands. As their name suggests, they look like Golden Hands that you can chase down for a massive amount of experience and earning money

Initially disguised as shadows, golden hands will appear at certain points of the dungeon, remaining still. However, their motionless state will change when the player spots them within a split second since they will flee.

This should prompt the player to chase after them since they’re quick, so it will require them to catch up with the Golden Hands. While chasing them there are several ways to catch them, but the best way would be to exploit the fact that while fleeing from the players, they will not change their direction.

However, if they come across a wall, they will bounce off of it in a different direction; keeping this in mind, players can utilize this mechanism to predict the change in their direction and have the Golden Hand run into them.

Once you defeat a Golden Hand in P4 Golden, players will get a huge sum of money and XP, which always makes it worthwhile for the chase. However, taking down these Golden Hands is not as easy as it seems.

The Treasure/Golden hands have no specific weaknesses and are immune to instant kill attacks. One of the best strategies that players can use while attempting to defeat these enemies is to increase the player’s party’s critical rate at the start of the battle.

Once you’ve done that, make sure to attack using physical skills, and if they’re able to land a critical hit, it will allow them to earn an extra turn to damage their opponents. It is preferable if the players focus on one Treasure Hand at a time since it will grant them a substantial amount of XP, allowing them to choose whether they have gathered enough or need more XP.

Lastly, an all-out attack is also useful on the Golden Hands. however, you should not use this attack if your party members are under-level. 

Another thing to remember while hunting Golden Hands for experience farming in P4 Golden is to prioritize wands in Shuffle Time since getting wands will increase the amount of XP you will get. This is why it pairs up well enough with the Golden Hands, making it quite an effective combo and allowing players to level up quickly.

Best place to farm levels in Persona 4

The fifth dungeon, Secret Laboratory, is the best place where players can find an endless supply of Golden Hands while grinding to level up in Persona 4. Players have to reach the stairs leading to the fifth floor. From here, head towards the next floor, and use them to reach the sixth floor. 

Once you’ve reached the sixth floor, you’ll see that this area has a set layout. You have to make your way forward until you reach the first left. Now, players will find themselves facing three shadows though it is obvious that out of the three, only one will be a Golden Hand. They’ll flee in their separate corridor, meaning you can only chase one at a time. So, your probability of chasing the right shadow is 1/3.

However, worry not since you can restart the process by going back up the stairs and chasing a different shadow instead. This process is indeed tedious, but when looking at its effectiveness, it is far superior compared to the other options to farm experience for leveling in P4.

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