How to Get Bug Catching Net In Persona 4 Golden

To help you collect bugs as bait for fishing and complete a quest, this Persona 4 Golden guide will explain how to get a catching net.

Persona 4 offers unique questlines with exciting rewards that make it feel like reality. One of these optional quests in Persona 4 Golden involves catching bugs. However, to catch the bugs, you require a catching net. This guide will explain where you can get the Persona 4 Golden bug-catching net and what to do with it once you get it.

It may not seem that interesting to catch bugs, but there is a rare achievement for catching bugs in P4 Golden. You also unlock the best fishing bait by unlocking the achievement available in Persona 4 that may help you in fishing.

How to get bug catching net

To catch bugs in P4 Golden, we have to get ourselves a catching net in the game. There is a questline in Persona 4 that you have to complete in order to get your hands on a catching net. During the daytime, you will head to the Shrine in Inaga. The exact time to approach the boy would be at the beginning of June.

You will find the boy talking about his missing bug-catching net. After listening to him, you will wait till night and return to the shrine again. Remember, you must have enough Courage to approach the shrine at night. 

When you reach the shrine, you will find a Lady in white. She will ask you about a Red Goldfish. Interact with her again, and she will point out a net on the roof of a shrine.

You will then collect the net and wait yet again for the daytime. Find the boy and return the net to him that you found on the rooftop. Once returned, the boy will teach you how to catch bugs.

How to catch bugs in Persona 4 Golden

You can use the net to catch bugs in the shaded area and play a mini-game in which you have to catch bugs. Once the mini-quest has been completed, you will receive a trophy named “Bug Hunter.” Bug-catching activities will continue during the summer but what about winter? Don’t worry; we have you covered on this as well. 

During the winter event, you must get some Gardening Tools to harvest the frozen bugs from your garden in Persona 4 Golden. You cannot do any gardening during the winter, so using that time for harvesting bugs using gardening tools is a good option.

Benefits of catching Bugs

There are multiple benefits of catching bugs in Persona 4:

  • Bugs are basically used as bait for fishing. The more rare Bug you find, the rarer the fish you will get.
  • You can buy Bug catching books that become available. Multiple books are available, like Catching Bugs becomes available after 11th June and costs around 1800 Yen. Word Class Bugs becomes available after 1st November, and it costs about 4800 Yen. Reading these books increases your ability to catch rare bugs significantly.
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