Persona 4 Golden Ayane Social Link Choices

In Persona 4 Golden, the social link of the Sun Arcana is associated with Ayane. Therefore, to rank up the social link, you must unlock...

In Persona 4 Golden, the social link of the Sun Arcana is associated with Ayane. Therefore, to rank up the social link, you must unlock and level your bond with Ayane. For the P4 Golden Sun social link, you’ll have to choose between Ayane and Yumi.

Both characters have a different storyline, and your choice here will decide how you can rank up the Sun arcana social link. Ayane is a pretty girl facing some trouble in her life; therefore, why not help her first?

This Persona 4 Golden guide contains all the information you need about Ayane, her social link, and the rewards and persona you can fuse as you rank up this social link.

Who is Ayane

Like many other characters in the game, Ayane is also a high school student in her first year at Yasugami High School. Ayane plays the trombone and is a member of a music band in her school referred to as the Symphonic band.

Despite her skills, Ayane is not confident about herself. She feels doubtful about her abilities and fears social pressure and many other things. Players need to become friends with her and help her gain self-confidence so she can ignore the happenings around her and achieve her goals.

Players in Persona 4, during their time in Inabe, need to participate in different extracurricular activities. The sports club you will join will lead you to the Strength social link, and the art club you will join will lead you to the Sun Social link.

However, in the art clubs, players can choose between a music band and a drama club. You can still rank up your social link no matter which club you choose. To increase your social link bond with Ayane and spend time with her, you need to choose the music band as she’s a part of it. You can only choose one club so if you want to improve social link with Yumi you need another playthrough of Persona 4 Golden.

Once you choose to be a music band member on 4th April, the social link with Ayane will begin. After this, you can meet her on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in the practice building in the school. However, having a social stat of level 4 will make the entire process of ranking up the bond with Ayane much easier.

Like Ai’s Social link in P4 Golden, Ayane’s social link one also has a romance side. However, it’s up to you how you want to take things forward with the innocent musician from high school.

Here is the complete list of all the responses at different ranks of Ayane’s social link in Persona 4 and what points players will get for each answer to rank up the Ayane social link and max it out. We have given points for whether you have a matching persona as well as when you don’t.

Rank 1

There are no points gained for this one. This is just an ice-breaking stage where you will just go and help Ayane with her solo band performance.

Ayane: have any experience with musical instruments?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
I play all the time.
Never played in my life. 

Ayane: Do you have any questions, Senpai?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Where does the club play?
Is there any drama here?
Do you have a boyfriend? (Lv 2 Courage)

Rank 2

Ayane: I wish I had as much talent as you.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
The effort is what matters.21
You do have talent.32

Ayane: Cleanup looks like a big task for just one person…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Help out32

Rank 3

Ayane: I think I’ll stick around and practice. I was out so long I didn’t even touch my trombone.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
You want me to help?22
Forget about it today.33

Ayane: …Not that I’ll be in it, but still…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
You don’t want to go?
They won’t let you go?

Ayane: Because there are lots of other things I can do for the club. Scheduling, accounting, cleaning up…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
That’s a great attitude.21
Is that what you want?

Rank 4

Ayane: Shoot… I still can’t play the part I was messing up last time..

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Can you practice at home?
Can it wait until tomorrow?

Ayane: It’d be nice to be able to play outside, but I’d embarrass myself if I went alone…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Want me to help out?+3+3

Rank 5

Ayane: As the others leave, Ayane stays engrossed in her practice…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Talk to her
Leave her alone

Ayane: I can’t… I can’t do it…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Have a little confidence+2+2

Rank 6

No dialogues.

Rank 7

Ayane: The other members are remaining silent…

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Stick up for Ayane
Keep Quite..

Ayane: Ayane is weeping

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Comfort her.
Hold her.33

Rank 8

Ai: What should you do…?

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Reveal your feelings for her
Change the subject.

Rank 9

Platonic :

 No dialogues.


Ai: Ayane looks at the ground nervously.

ResponsePoints (W)Points (W/O)
Wanna go grab some food?33
Wanna go out and have fun.33
Wanna come to my house?33

Rank 10

No dialogues.

Once players have ranked up their social link with Ayane in Persona 4, she will reward players with a Handmade ticket. With this, players can fuse the persona of Asura.

This is a powerful persona; with this, you can resist fire and ice and get some light abilities. It is a level 86 Persona and will cost you over 76000 Yen. You need to remember that it takes time for the wind; therefore, don’t go too close to the enemies.