Persona 4 Golden School Clubs Guide

Joining a school club in Persona 4 Golden is a great way to improve your Arcana but if you can't decide on clubs, let us help you out.

Persona 4 Golden has deep RPG systems, especially when it comes to your school, such as exams and extracurricular activities. School clubs are one such extracurricular activity in Persona 4 Golden you do to meet new people and interact with them. This, however, has a greater impact on your story, whatever you go for.

Each type of school club improves different social stats depending on what you decide to join. The Sports Club in P4 mainly revolves around the Strength Arcana social link and improves that while, on the other hand, the cultural clubs revolve around the Sun Arcana social links. In a single playthrough of Persona 4, you can join one sports club and one cultural club.

We have prepared this guide to cover all the details you need to know about the different school clubs that you can join in Persona 4 Golden as well as the benefits of each sport and cultural club.

How to join a Sports club 

To join the sports club, you must wait for the announcement that occurs on 19th of April. After the announcement, head to the gym on the first floor of your school, close to the entrance. There you will get a pop-up on which you want to join.

Sports Club in P4 Golden include two game clubs in particular

  • Basketball club
  • Soccer Club

Should you pick Basketball or Soccer club

You will eventually get acquainted with both “Daisuke and Kou” and be able to befriend both of them, so there isn’t anything you’ll miss out on whether you choose Basketball or Soccer club in P4 Golden. By attending any of them, your social links will increase your strength arcana, and diligence after every practice session you attend.

The only difference is that you can rank up to 10 in the basketball club more quickly but miss out on certain books in Persona 4 which are needed for the Compulsive Reader achievement.

Soccer is slower to rank up but has fewer obstacles throughout. If you are an achievement completionist, you should pick the Soccer club as that way you can collect all the books for the Compulsive Reader achievement.

How to join a Cultural club

The cultural club becomes available after the 25th of April. You can join the club by heading to the practice building in Yasogami High on the first floor.

There are two types of cultural clubs in P4:

  • Band Club
  • Drama Club

Should you pick Band club or Drama club

If you want to join the Band club, you will find it on the left side of the hallway. To your right will be the meeting room, where you can join the drama club. 

Unlike sports clubs, deciding which cultural club you join significantly impacts your story in P4 Golden. 

If you select the Band Club, you will increase your Expression with every session you attend and befriend Ayane Matsunaga. Music club is much faster and straightforward, with small and ideal storylines and a leveling-up rate. 

For the Drama club, you will increase your Understanding and end up befriending Yumi Ozawa, who has an entirely different storyline from Ayane. The drama club has a better storyline with some emotional drama only if you can deal with Yumi’s personality, which isn’t for everyone.

Despite befriending different people on both of these clubs, you will rank your Sun social link on both of the clubs and unlock the same Persona when you reach rank 10.

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