How To Get Information On The Killer In Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden comprises several game aspects to make the gameplay more fun and interesting for the players. However, there is no denying the fact that the core of the game is a murder mystery. At one stage during the gameplay, you will have to gather information about the Persona 4 Golden killer and accuse a person of the murder.

In the following guide, we have provided all the steps for collecting different clues to discover the identity of the true murderer in Persona 4 Golden and eventually, lead you to a good ending to the game.

How to start the murder investigation

Persona series always involves some unexpected twist to finding the real villain of the story, and you will probably get panicked by the strange outcomes ahead.

You will be required to select the correct identity of the killer in P4 Golden, and if you fail to do so, your gameplay ending will be bad. However, you need not worry; you will not be alone in the quest to search for the real culprit who did the murder.

The Persona 4 Golden story starts with the disappearance of your party members into the Television world. At a certain game stage, it becomes evident that the person, who was responsible for throwing people into the TV world is a man named Taro Namatame. He thought of the television world as a safe place where people could be safeguarded from being killed. However, he was wrong all along.

Later, the heroes encounter him and he confesses all the kidnappings that happened because of him.

Despite this, it is revealed that it was not he who had killed Mayumi Yamano and student Saki Konishi. So, you will be required to find the real killer in P4 Golden.

Gathering info on the killer

An essential clue about the murderer is the letters that Yu Narukami receives. They were sent to him by an individual having a secret approach to their house. This type of personality only applied to Narukami himself, Nanako, Dojima, Namatame, and Adachi.

The scenario of the events around the abduction of Nanaku clearly points toward Adachi. Throughout your investigation you will find various clues about Adachi being the killer in P4G.

In addition, you have to have a chat with certain individuals in P4 Golden in a sequence in order to get the required info about the killer

  • Have some talk with the Shopping Woman in the North Shopping District.
  • Ask the Female Student at Junes whether there is anybody suspicious in her mind.
  • Besides the Bookstore, ask the other Female student in front of the South Shopping District. See if there is anything, she can recall.
  • Discuss the murders with the neighbors and ask them about seeing any suspicious activity recently.

One you have done all the steps above, you and your friends will gather at Aya’s Chinese restaurant and try to identify the real murderer later in the evening. You have to make the right decision. You will see the game showing a pop-up, “The Person who seems to be the most likely culprit is…”

Who exactly is the actual killer in Persona 4 Golden

The much-anticipated answer to the quiz’s question is “Adachi”. Adachi concedes about how all the party members got kidnapped. By providing the right answer, you will get a good game ending.

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