Persona 3 May Events Guide

The month of May in Persona 3 Portable is filled with activities including the first boss fight so let us explain how to navigate it.

May is when the real game of Persona 3 Portable starts as April was just an intro month. You will have to sit through your first exam and fight the first major boss on a full moon night. P3P will also get a lot more flexible with you getting a chance to spend time as you want. Here is a breakdown of all major Persona 3 May events.

An eventful month full of battles including a main boss and exams. May also give you new social links and a lot of time to increase them. Spend your time wisely. Visit new friends you have made along the journey to increase their social links. Buy things from the police station and TV, study and work hard. This is the time to be active. Don’t worry, fun months are on their way.

Persona 3 May events

As mentioned before, you have a lot of flexibility as to how you spend your time in Persona 3 during the month of May. That being said, there are still deadlines and specific exam dates that you can’t skip and the first boss you fight can’t be delayed.

1st May (5/1)

Visit Akihiko in the hospital and meet Shinjiro for the first time. The rest of the day is up to you.

2nd May (5/2)

You will get an ultimatum for the impending boss fight in one week.

3rd May (5/3)

It is Sunday and the first time you can order from Tanaka’s store via TV. This show is available every Sunday with new deals.

4th May (5/4)

The police station always has a sale every Monday. It is the best time to stock up on weapons and gear.

6th May (5/6)

For the question “What do you call water without much calcium and magnesium?” answer “Soft water”

The hanged man social link gets unlocked. Go to Naganaki shrine and talk to Maiko. She will ask for food and drink. Make sure you are stocked up on Mad Bull and Takoyaki and hand both over to her.

You need to talk to her multiple times. Her social link won’t open up right away and you will miss it if you don’t follow the above-mentioned guidelines.

8th May (5/8)

Hermit social link becomes available. Join either committee when asked. Saori will be available outside the committee’s classroom from now on.

9th May (5/9)

Full Moon Operation. Today is the big day and you will be fighting the first main boss, Arcana Priestess.

10th May (5/10)

Tanaka Amazing commodities is back with Garu and Zio skill cards.

Persona compendium is now available. The game won’t tell you about it. You can use it to store or withdraw personas.

11th May (5/11)

Talk to Rio in the classroom hallway.

12th May (5/12)

Optional. Go to 4F in the evening to watch a funny video. This event occurs randomly later in the game so check out 4F periodically.

13th May (5/13)

For the question “How fast would you say the Earth rotates near the equator?

Answer: 1700 km/h.

14th May (5/14)

Talk to Junpei in the evening to receive the “Handheld game”. It is required to complete side quest number 93.

15th May (5/15)

For the question “One of the items on the menu for family is pan. How would you translate this to English”.

Answer: Bread.

16th May (5/16)

Go back to Naganaki shrine and interact with Maiko to start the hanged man social link.

18th May – 22nd May (5/18 – 5/22)

Mid-terms start. The game will be on autopilot during these days, and you won’t be allowed to do anything except for taking exams.

Here are the May exam answers in order

  1. Bread
  2. Faster than sound
  3. Hard water
  4. Nara

23rd May (5/23)

Akihiko will join SEES after being discharged from the hospital. You can now access his gear and weapons at police station.

24th May (5/24)

Rio will ask you to spend time with her

25th May (5/25)

Result day. Check your score and talk to Mitsuru in 1F to unlock the “Head of the class” achievement.

27th May (5/27)

Go to the student council room in the afternoon to start your Emperor social link.

29th May (5/29)

Increase your Emperor social rank to 2 by going back to the student council room in the afternoon and answering with “How pointless”. This marks the end of May.

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