Persona 3 April Events Guide

April is the starting month of Persona 3 Portable and we will help you navigate it by highlighting all the events in it.

Persona games are all about time management and specific events on a particular date. These events are mostly irreversible, so it is important to keep track of them and perform particular activities to get the most out of your time. Throughout Persona 3 April month, there are questions to be answered, social links to be formed, bosses to be fought and a lot more to do on very specific dates.

This can all get overwhelming, but we are here to help you with the breakdown of these Persona 3 Portable April events and what to do in order.

Persona 3 April events

Persona 3 Portable starts in the month of April and this month is mostly on-rails. You will learn game mechanics this month via in-game tutorials. P3 Portable won’t even give you full control of your character until the end of this month.

We do recommend that you reach 16th floor in Thebel block of Tartarus as soon as possible.

April 6th – April 20th (4/6 – 4/20)

During this time period, you will gain access to velvet room, select your Velvet room attendant (Elizabeth or Theodore depending on your answer), enter Tartarus for the first time, do your first battle and make some social links.

Most of these events are automated and you just have to go with the flow without worrying. There are a few important things that can be missed.

8th April (4/8)

For the question “Who did I say was my favorite author?”

Answer. Utsobu Kubota

You will also get the key to Velvet room on this date.

April 20th (4/20)

For the question “What was the style of houses in the Jomson period called.”

Answer. Mad Huts

21st April (4/21)

Select your velvet room attendant. The attendant you select will determine who gives you Requests/Side quests.

For Elizabeth, answer with “I think it is a woman.”

For Theo, “Is it a man?”

24th April (4/24)

You can join a sports club starting today. For Tennis club go outside in the field and for Volleyball club, head to the gymnasium. Doing either will start your Chariot social link.

27th April (4/27)

For the question “Do you know when numbers were invented?”

Answer:  6000 Years ago.

30th April (4/30)

You will get your first batch of side quests. If you have completed Thebel block, you will be able to complete a few of them. This marks the end of April’s month. Most of the social links in April will be formed automatically. You can increase your ranks by spending your time wisely (with your new friends or studying).

You will also get to know a lot about the battle mechanics and how persona work. This month is to ease the players for what is about to come later in the game.

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