How To Get The Goggle Eyed Idol In Persona 3

Persona 3 features the Velvet Room again, where you can get multiple requests, including the one where you have to find the Goggle Eyed idol. The Velvet Room has two attendants, and the attendant choice is entirely up to you. Our guide will walk you through how to get the Goggle Eyed Idol, i.e., one of many other attendant requests. But first, let us understand what exactly these requests are.

How to unlock Velvet Room requests

Upon entering the Velvet Room, you will be given a choice to select any of the attendants to make requests to you. Whichever you choose, don’t worry about the results, as the two of the attendants’ requests are 100% similar.

Remember that if you have a male character, you can only romance Elizabeth, while in the case of a female character, you can have a romance with both Elizabeth and Theodore.

Now that you are in the Room click the “Check Requests/ Compendium” option. You will see every request option in this submenu. When you receive a request, you should search for the item and bring it back to the attendant in Persona 3 Portable. As simple as that.

How to get the Persona 3 Goggle Eyed Idol

This one is an annoying request, as there is only one way to complete this request, i.e., by looting the drops from defeated enemies you meet inside Tartarus.

When the attendant asks you to “Retrieve 1 Goggle Eyed Idol” in Persona 3:

  • Find the Turquoise gems. This will require you to hunt down the enemies in Tartarus until you get two gems from their dropped materials.
  • Now, you need to head straight to the Shinshoudo Antiques. This shop opens on 6/10.
  • Trade the two Turquoise gems with 1 Goggle Eyed Idol.

Now that you have the requested item bring it back to the attendant at the Velvet Room.


You will get a Winter Outfit for Mitsuru as a reward for finishing the Persona 3 Goggle Eyed request. And, of course, your chances of romancing the attendant in Persona 3 Portable are also increased.

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