How To Steal Vicario Paintings In Payday 3

A painting worth Millions.

During the mission Under the Surphaze, you will steal plenty of Artwork from the Surphaze Art Gallery. Within the Art Gallery, you will also find the Payday 3 Vicario Paintings, which are very hard to steal.

The reason that the paintings are tough to steal is that you don’t know the place where they are located. Upon finding the place Under the Surphaze mission, you must disable all the security measures. Stealing Vicario Paintings is easy and can be done quickly if you follow all the right steps.

Steal Vicario Paintings in Payday 3 Under the Surphaze

To steal the Vicario Paintings in Payday 3, you must first go to the “Manager’s Office.” You need to use your lockpicking skills to unlock the lock on the office door.

Once inside, log into the “manager’s computer” and check for emails. Remember that finding the email is not easy as there is a lock on the computer, and you need to use your Hacking Skills for that.

Locate the email in which the “Exhibition Venue” is stated for “Vicario Paintings” after accessing the manager’s computer. You will find the “Exhibition Hall Number” for the painting. In the email

While there, you need to find the Phone, which can be located beside the “Computer” or “Desk.” You can also find it under the “Chairs” of the Manager’s Office. Finding the phone is vital for stealing the Vicario Paintings, as you can use it to scan the QR to unlock the venue.

The Venue has another locked door for which you must find another phone in the “Server Room” to disable the “Top Floor Security Bars.” For the next mission objective, you can easily do this by going to the Top Floor and activating the “Power Box.”

The next thing you need to do is find the “Security Bars” and disable them individually. You can easily do this by sitting on top of them. Four will be on each top floor corner; you need to disable them individually.

You must then go to the “Exhibition Halls” and find the “Vicario Paintings.” The painting you need to collect is the one with a Liquid Splatter. This splatter can only be visible using “UV Light.”

There will be two Payday 3 Vicario Paintings that you need to steal in the Under the Surphaze mission. Once you have found both of them, transfer them one by one to the roof of the Exhibition Venue. Lastly, upon getting there, you will find out that the Helicopter is waiting for you to deliver the painting and transport. it

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