Payday 3: How To Find The Spectrophotometer In Under The Surphaze

Under the Surphaze will have you finding the spectrowhat??!

The Spectrophotometer is a verification instrument that can be found in the “Under the Surphaze” heist of Payday 3.

The uniqueness of this heist is that its loot isn’t normal cash. They are high-value art pieces. The Spectrophotometer is used to identify whether the Uma Ladette painting is real or not.  

You need to find the Spectrophotometer to complete Under the Surphaze whether you are doing the heist in either stealth or loud. When used in tandem with the USB flash drive, you will be able to secure the valuable Uma Ladette painting in Payday 3.

Under the Surphaze – Spectrophotometer location

The Spectrophotometer is located on the 2nd floor of the art gallery in the server room during the Under the Surphaze heist in Payday 3. 

Lockpick the server room to gain access and head to the back of the room; you’ll find a device that looks like a camera mounted on a tripod.

This is the Spectrophotometer. It will also start glowing yellow once you get close to it. Pick it up as it needs to be used later on with the USB drive to steal the real Uma Ladette painting.


Head to the manager’s office on the top floor of the art gallery and find the secret compartment underneath the large clock. When you move the wooden panel in this compartment aside; you will unearth a safe; unlock it to find the USB drive along with some cash.

Now use the Spectrophotometer to verify the authenticity of the Uma Ladette painting; if it’s a fake, the Spectrophotometer’s screen will say so. In that case; scan the next model of the Uma Ladette.

Once the painting is verified, insert the USB drive into the display case to override the security system. Loot the painting and head to the van to make your escape!

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