Payday 3: Touch The Sky Vault Codes

This is a time-consuming objective.

You need to find the codes to access the Master Bedroom Vault to complete Touch the Sky in Payday 3. This can prove to be a bit complicated and challenging, which should not surprise you because Touch the Sky is not an easy heist to begin with.

Something important to note here is that there are two vaults in Touch the Sky. The primary one, the Master Bedroom Vault, should not be confused with the one in Mason Laurent’s Office.

The Master Bedroom Vault is a mandatory objective. Looting Mason’s vault though is an optional objective that can only be done in stealth to maximize your payout.

If you are wondering about the best heists to farm money in Payday 3, Touch the Sky does not make our list. However, that should not deter you from completing all optional objectives to secure as much money as possible.

How to get the Vault Codes in Touch the Sky

There are two ways to get the vault codes during the Touch the Sky heist in Payday 3. The first, easy way requires you to scan the keypad and figure out the correct four-digit key code combination on your own.

The second and fairly complicated way in comparison requires you to loot Mason’s vault (an optional objective) for the correct codes to the Master Bedroom Vault.

Scan for fingerprints (easy method)

The Master Bedroom Vault is hidden behind a wooden panel that you can reveal by triggering a switch between the books. Once you have found the vault, use your UV flashlight to scan the keypad for fingerprints.

There are a total of 24 possible combinations for the correct four-digit code. You can try all combinations on your own until you hit the correct one.

There are two things to note here. Firstly, the vault codes change in every playthrough, so you will have to find the correct ones every time.

Secondly, you can take your time with the fingerprints because no guard will come into the Master Bedroom. However, if you are playing Gold and Sharke on overkill difficulty, there will be one guard patrolling the Master Bedroom.

Hence, we do not recommend scanning for fingerprints for the vault codes in a Gold and Sharke overkill playthrough. There will always be one guard in the Master Bedroom keeping an eye on the wooden panel.

Loot the hidden vault for the codes (hard method)

This method involves taking Mason, the owner of the penthouse, as a hostage and using him to open the hidden vault that leads to the Panic Room in his office to find the codes for the Master Bedroom Vault.

Mason’s office is located right beside the filling room where you found the Red Keycard. Enter Mason’s office and look for a red switch located below his desk that reveals the hidden vault.

Press the red button to reveal the hidden vault which is secured by an eye scanner and can only be unlocked by Mason. Once you’ve found the hidden vault your next step will be to open it.

Since the hidden vault can only be unlocked by Mason, it brings us to the most challenging part of the heist of capturing Mason. He is always surrounded by a group of people, making it much harder to grab him unnoticed.

Since going out and grabbing Mason in public will draw a lot of attention, Shade announces a plan of spiking Mason’s newly arrived Whiskey to easily make him unlock the hidden vault.

To spike Mason’s whiskey, a bottle of poison will be placed on the shelf of the basin inside the washroom. Grab the poison and make your way to the kitchen.

Pour the poison in Mason’s whiskey and ring the bell. A little while later you can see Mason rushing to the washroom. Now is the time to grab him.

Make Mason a human shield and take him towards the hidden vault. Mason will open the vault revealing the panic room where you’ll find 4 sets of combinations with 4 digits each on a whiteboard as well as some extra cash and items to maximise your pay-out.

Memorize the order of the codes that match the fingerprints of the codes that you found on the master bedroom vault.

Now all that’s left is to head back to the master bedroom and inset the Touch the Sky vault codes in Payday 3.

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