Payday 3 Touch The Sky Red Keycard Location

Mason Laurent, the owner of the lavish penthouse, has an office that requires a Red Keycard to enter.

You will not be able to complete the Touch the Sky heist without a Red Keycard in Payday 3. Depending on what difficulty you are playing on, this objective can be either easy or extremely hard.

Mason Laurent, the owner of the luxurious penthouse, has a private office that you need to get inside. There are guards stationed at every corner, so sneaking your way around is going to be challenging enough.

Raising the bar on that though is grabbing the Red Keycard from Mason’s Head of Security. We recommend disabling all of the security cameras first with the help of the Touch the Sky Blue Keycard. This will allow you to move freely.

How to get the Touch the Sky Red Keycard in Payday 3

You can find the Red Keycard inside the Filing Room of the penthouse during the Touch the Sky heist in Payday 3. When you get inside the Filing Room, start searching all of the filing cabinets to come across the Red Keycard.

The only problem is that the Filing Room is always locked. You will have two ways to gain access to the Filing Room depending on what heist mode you are playing.

If you are doing Touch the Sky in Stealth, you need to obtain a QR code from the phone of the Head of Security without him or anyone else knowing.


Going in Loud with guns blazing will limit your chances of getting the QR code from the Head of Security. Since you do not care about ringing any alarms, you must grab some thermites to blast your way into the Filing Room.

We will now look into both the Stealth and Loud ways to get the Touch the Sky Red Keycard in Payday 3. Pay attention!

Accessing the Filing Room in Stealth / Overkill

You will receive an objective to track down the Head of Security once you are done searching Mason Laurent’s bedroom in Touch the Sky.

The Head of Security has a specific patrolling route that you can observe for yourself. He will always patrol the upper floors before coming downstairs to the main hall. You can wait for him here by mingling with the guests.

When the Head of Security comes down to the main hall, get close to him and hack his phone. Do note that you will need to stay close to him for some time until the hack is complete—the white ring turns green.

The problem is that he will be continuously moving around after every few seconds. Staying glued to him may possibly attract the attention of the nearby guards.

If you are finding it difficult to hack his phone among the guests, wait until the Head of Security walks into a secluded area where the other guards cannot see you. Here, kill him and take his phone to get the QR code. Once that is done, it is time to head into the Filing Room for the Touch the Sky Red Keycard in Payday 3.

Something important to note here is that the Head of Security will change into the Lead Guard if you are playing Touch the Sky in Overkill.

This means that you will not be able to kill him for his phone in Payday 3. Your only option will be to stay near him and hack his phone for the QR code.

Accessing the Filing Room in Loud

Since you have already made your presence known in the penthouse by going in Loud, you no longer need to get the QR code from the Head of Security.

Make your way to the balcony to get your thermites for the Touch the Sky Loud heist in Payday 3. Then head to the Filing Room where you can use the thermites to blast open the locks and get your hands on the Red Keycard location in Touch the Sky.

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