Payday 3: How To Enter Mason Laurent’s Office In Touch The Sky

Getting into Mason Laurent's office feels like a puzzle in the Touch the Sky heist.

Touch the Sky sees you looting the penthouse of a wealthy man named Mason Laurent who happens to have an office as well. You can only imagine what manner of riches he is hiding inside.

However, getting into Mason Laurent’s Office is not easy. The penthouse is jammed with guards and security cameras, making this objective pretty difficult.

Mason Laurent’s Office location in Touch the Sky

You can find Mason Laurent’s Office on the top floor of the penthouse while doing the heist in Payday 3. It is located directly opposite the Master Bedroom.

However, do not rush over there blindly. There are a few requisites that you must complete first before gaining access to Mason Laurent’s Office.

Most importantly, you need to remain as discreet as possible because the penthouse is swarming with guards with cameras around every corner.

We recommend gearing up with our best stealth build, and knowing how to disable cameras and how to mark guards to remain undetected throughout the heist.


Now that the basics are out of the way, let us dive a little deeper into solving Mason Laurent’s Office puzzle in Touch the Sky.

How to access Mason Laurent’s Office in Payday 3

Mason Laurent’s Office is locked and requires a the Touch the Sky Red Keycard to enter which can only be found in the Filing Room.

However, the Filing Room is locked as well and requires the QR code from the phone of the head of security. So your first task is locating the security chief and hacking his phone for the QR code in Payday 3.

Step 1: Get the Head of Security QR code

You can find the head of security patrolling both the upstairs and downstairs areas. We suggest waiting for him around the stairs because sooner or later he is going to use them to either go upstairs or downstairs.

Notice the phone on his belt. You need to hack it for the QR code, but be wary of nearby guards as well. Since the head of security will always be on the move, make sure that you are in a good position to hack his phone in a short amount of time.

Once you have the QR code, make your way to the Filing Room and scan the code in the keypad to enter.

Unlike Mason Laurent’s Office in Touch the Sky, the Filing Room spawns randomly in one of two possible locations for every player. It will be either in the rear-left corner of the first floor or the front-left corner of the second floor of the penthouse.

Step 2: Get the Red Keycard from the Filing Room

After getting into the Filing Room, you need to search every single drawer in all of the filing cabinets until you come across the Red Keycard.

There are a lot of them to go through. Go through them all patiently since none of the guards are going to come into the Filing Room.

Step 3: Enter Mason Laurent’s Office

Now that you have the Red Keycard, make your way to the top floor to finally enter Mason Laurent’s Office in Payday 3.

There is a lot of loot to find while doing the Touch the Sky heist, and the penthouse owner’s office is one of the locations that you definitely need to loot.

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