Payday 3 Touch The Sky Heist: Stealth, Loud, Overkill Walkthroughs

The Penthouse heist is the perfect earning opportunity before calling it a day.

The final heist in Payday 3 – the Touch the Sky Heist – is arguably the hardest of all in the game. This isn’t your typical heist though, because you rob a penthouse instead of a whole bank.

The small size of the penthouse and the numerous amount of guards in there is what makes this heist one of the most difficult ones – especially when you plan to complete the Touch the Sky Heist in Stealth.

You won’t have that much of a problem going in weapons hot, but that takes the fun out of it for most people. Which mode you prefer matters very little though because we’ll walk you through the completion of the Payday 3 Touch the Sky Heist in Stealth, Loud, and Overkill.

Payday 3 Touch the Sky Stealth walkthrough

You are going to spawn next to the penthouse after starting the Touch the Sky Stealth heist in Payday 3. Do note that there is a guard right in front of the main entrance. Hence, you are going to need an alternative route to enter the penthouse.

Access the Penthouse without alerting anyone

To do that, head over to the stairs on the right until reach a vent. When you find the vent, first mask up and then enter it.

The vent will have two openings – one directly ahead leading to the main lounge of the penthouse, and the other on the right leading to Mason’s Office and an area beside the Master Bedroom.


The main lounge has a lot of people in it so it’s best to avoid that room. You can pick any of the other two exits to enter the penthouse unnoticed.

Unlock the Master Bedroom

Once inside, your first task will be to find and access the Master Bedroom. It’s located at the opposite end of the building from Mason’s Office and needs a WiFi connection to open the door.

First, however, you need to hack the keypad beside the Master Bedroom door. This only takes a short while, but you have to be careful of any cameras or patrolling guards in the vicinity.

When the keypad is hacked, it’s time to move on to connecting to the WiFi. This step is a little bit tricky though, as you are required to stand in small circles randomly placed throughout the penthouse for a certain period of time.

It would be best to take down some guards while you are doing this to make your overall heist a little bit easier. Moreover, it would also be best to target the Head Guard while you’re at it as well.

You need to hack his phone, which can either be done by standing near it for a certain time period or by killing him altogether. Hacking the phone will grant you a QR Code which you’ll need later.

Find the Vault Switch

After you’re done connecting to the WiFi, head inside the Master Bedroom and look for a Vault Switch. Where it can spawn is completely random, but it’s usually on one of the books in the room.

When you find the switch, interact with it to reveal a hidden wall panel. This panel grants you access to Mason’s Office but needs a Red Keycard to be unlocked in the Payday 3 Touch the Sky Stealth Heist.

Find the Red Keycard

The Red Keycard location is inside the filing room, which is unlocked with the Head Guard’s QR Code mentioned earlier.

When you enter the filing room, search each of the filing cabinets until you find the Red Keycard.

Where to find the Red Keycard in Touch the Sky heist of Payday 3.

When gaining access to the office, search for the Panic Room Button, which is a small red button on the side of Mason’s desk. Interact with this button to reveal a door to the Panic Room.

Unlock the Panic Room

The Panic Room can only be opened by Mason Laurent himself, which brings us to the trickiest part of this heist yet. The problem here is that Mason is usually in the main room surrounded by a bunch of people so it’s hard to grab him unnoticed.

However, around this time, Shade tells you that there’s a delivery of special whiskey that’s arrived. To solve this part of the Touch the Sky Stealth Heist in Payday 3, you have to find poison and spill some into Mason’s drink.

You can find the poison needed to spike Mason’s drink on top of the basin in the washroom. The washroom is located on the ground floor, right next to the elevator near the gold statue.

After getting your hands on the poison, head into the kitchen and contaminate Mason’s drink with it. After drinking the spiked whiskey, he’ll immediately rush off to the washroom.

Now’s your cue to grab Mason unnoticed. Use him as a human shield and take him to the Panic Room. He’ll open it for you without much trouble.

The vault codes that you need to unlock the vault are found inside this Panic Room. However, the problem is that there are four of them on the whiteboard, and only one of them is the correct one.

The vault itself is located back in the Master Bedroom of the Penthouse in Payday 3. To know which code is the correct one, use the UV light to reveal the fingerprints on the keypad. Any number that’s not marked by a fingerprint that’s in the code is the wrong code.

After eliminating the wrong codes and opening the vault, you’ll find a safe inside. Interact with the safe and turn the dial three times until it hits green to crack it.

Grab the SSD/Drive in the safe and bring it over to Mason’s Office. Next, connect it to his computer and start decrypting it. This will take some time, so you can afford to turn your attention to the jewelry or the money and drugs inside the vault in the meantime.

You can then throw all your loot into the elevator where your starting point is. When all is done, you can escape from the same place, completing the Touch the Sky Heist.

Payday 3 Touch the Sky Loud walkthrough

If you decide to complete the Touch the Sky Heist in Loud mode in Payday 3, then there are a few key differences you should note.

Everything remains the same until the alarms go off, and when they do, the Filing Room and the Panic Room will become inaccessible.

While in Stealth mode, you could use Mason to unlock the Panic Room, but in this scenario, he hides there himself, so there is no way of getting to him.

The only way you can access both of these rooms is to break their locks with thermite. In the Touch the Sky Loud Heist, thermites are going to be deployed on the balcony in Payday 3, but you have to clear the place from cops first before they are deployed.

Once you get your hands on them you can use them to enter the Filing Room and the Panic Room. Note that they do take a lot of time to burn through the doors – all while cops are constantly spawning around you.

Other than that, the rest of the heist remains the same except for the escape. Instead of escaping through the elevator like in the Stealth mode, this time, you escape through the balcony.

When you take the decrypted drive, you have to head over to the balcony and signal the flare placed there to call for an escape helicopter. Drop your loot onto the white highlighted area below. When ready, make your grand escape in style.

Payday 3 Touch the Sky Overkill walkthrough

The Touch the Sky Heist’s whole process doesn’t really change in the Overkill mode. All that happens is that it becomes a lot more difficult to pull off – especially in Stealth mode.

An example showing why is that the Head Guard now becomes the Lead Guard, which means that killing him is no longer a viable option. You have no other choice but to stay near him to hack his phone for the QR Code.

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