How To Mark Guards In Payday 3

Marking guards and enemies makes it easy for you to track their movements and remain hidden during heists in Payday 3.

Did you know you can mark guards and enemies through walls in Payday 3? You can, and we tell you how. It’s quite simple, and you’ll only have to click a button to unlock this feat.

Learning how to Mark Guards in Payday 3 can come in super handy, and you’ll be able to find the location of your enemies through walls. This way, you can watch the steps of your target and wait for the right move.

You might find it confusing or think you’ll have to unlock a particular skill for this feature, but it’s not that complicated. This guide will show you how to Mark Guards in Payday 3.  

Why should you always mark guards in Payday 3?

Learning how to mark guards and enemies in Payday 3 is incredibly important if you want to remain undetected, especially during Stealth heists.

Unless you are going in Loud with guns blazing, your primary goal should always be to sneak past patrolling guards. If you are seen or detected, the guards are going to sound the alarm and ruin your chances of completing a heist in Stealth.

Marking guards and enemies makes it easy for you to track their movements. You will be able to see their silhouettes through walls and terrain. This will allow you to sneak past them, or if you want, get close enough to knock them out.


The skill to mark guards is further complimented by your Stealth skill tree in Payday 3. It is based on concise movement, silent takedowns, concealment, lockpicking, and other actions that require stealth.

How to mark guards in Payday 3

Instead of pressing the “use” button like in Payday 2, you now need to mark guards through the “shout / interact” button in Payday 3.

To mark a guard, press the Middle Mouse button by default on PC or hold the D-Pad on your console controllers.

This is how you tell civilians to drop down on the floor, and is also part of the chat wheel in the game. It might seem a little clunky at first, but you will get used to it.

You will know when a guard has been marked if their character model outlines are highlighted. You will then be able to see them through walls, as mentioned before. There, however, are a few things to know before marking guards.

Firstly, you cannot mark a guard while facing them. Secondly, a guard will become unmarked if they see or detect you. Hence, make sure to remain out of their line of sight.

Furthermore, you can mark guards through camera feeds. This requires you to first hack a security camera and then wait for a guard to come into your sight.

There are certain gadgets that can help you out marking guards as well. Take the Motion Sensor gadget for example. Any enemy that comes into its radius will be automatically marked. You will never need to watch your back again.

There are also some skills that can amplify this feature. Take Spotter, for example, which deals spotted enemies 15% extra damage.

Lastly, you cannot mark every guard in Payday 3. There are certain enemy types that are resistant to marking. You can always keep track of them through their footsteps or make a mental note of their patrolling routes.

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