Payday 3: No Rest For The Wicked Blue And Red Keycard Location

The Red and Blue Keycards in Payday 3, No Rest for the Wicked, are necessary for the Stealth method.

In Payday 3, No Rest for the Wicked mission, you must acquire two keycards, Red and Blue, to access certain areas. These will be crucial to completing your mission because you will remain undetected if you acquire these successfully.

You must track two guards to find Red and Blue Keycards in Payday 3, No Rest for the Wicked. You can find them strolling around the first and second floors of the Bank Building. To get there, you must gain access to the building by unlocking the door behind. Or you can try going through the roof and taking the stairs to get down. I will cover the exact locations of the keycards and your entry passageway in this guide.

How to get No Rest for the Wicked Blue keycard in Payday 3

You can use two ways to get the Blue Keycard in Payday 3. The first is to go through the back side of the Bank building and reach the second floor. You will find one guard patrolling that area. This guard on the second floor will have the Blue Keycard. You can kill or sneak up behind him and steal the Blue Keycard from his belt in Payday 3.

If you are unfamiliar with this way, you can make your way to the roof of the bank building. To do that, you must unlock the gate and follow the stairs leading to the fire escape from this building.

This way, you can enter the second floor by scanning the QR code on that door to unlock it. After that, you can deal with the guard patrolling that floor to get the Blue Keycard next in Payday 3.

Where to use the blue keycard in No Rest for the Wicked

Once you have gotten the Blue Keycard, you can head straight to find a door on your right. Use the blue keycard to unlock this door, and inside, you will find a guard monitoring the screens through the cameras installed in the building.


You can simply shoot him in the head with your pistol (equipped with a silencer). It is highly recommended that you remove all the camera operators on all difficulties. Once you have done that using the Blue Keycard, you can shift your focus on obtaining the red keycard in Payday 3 from the floor below to turn off the bank’s security system.

How to get No Rest for the Wicked Red keycard in Payday 3

You can start this heist initially by going through the left side of the building in the parking lot. There, you will find a large gate and a door. Both of these will be locked, so ignore the locked gate and lockpick the door to get inside.

Once you do that, you will find an open cabinet on your right side. If you are playing with normal difficulty, there won’t be anything present on the cabinet shelf. On the other hand, if you are playing on higher difficulty, you will find a mobile phone with a QR code that you can use later on during the No Rest for the Wicked mission in Payday 3.

After that, you can turn right towards the open hallways, where you will find a guard patrolling this area. You deal with this guard as he can detect you easily. If you have a no-kill policy, you can sneak up behind him and loot the Red Card from his belt in Payday 3.

Where to use the red keycard

You can use this item to deactivate the security system in Payday 3. However, as you head forward, you must be aware of the camera that can spawn behind the glass door on your left. With that in mind, you can take the staircase on your right and go to the upper levels.

Take the door on your left to get to the second floor. That door can be opened easily if you are on lower difficulties, but on higher ones, you will require a QR code that you got, in the beginning, to unlock it in Payday 3.

Then, you can shift your focus to the power room, which can spawn on the second floor or the roof. If it spawns on the roof, be careful of the guard there, as he will not hesitate to shoot at you. Furthermore, if the power room spawns on the second floor, it will increase your difficulty as you will also have to deal with the civilians roaming that floor.

The Red Keycard in Payday 3 will give you access to the Power Room of the bank building. This way, you can hack the computer on your left inside that room and hit use again for the second prompt on the computer screen. It will display the message to disable security by enabling the Maintenance mode on the screen.

Then, you can turn off the power to the gate where the vault is present. You can head back down the stairs to the first floor and quickly move to the maintenance room in Payday 3. There, you will find an electric box next to an open shelf. Move towards it, pull down the lever, and deal with the two civilians, tying them up.

How to flip the right switch on the maintenance box

Then, you can move back to the maintenance panels next to the vault on the bottom left side. Open the box, and you will see four colored switches with symbols above them. To know which switch is the correct one to flip, you can go back the way you came to the power room. You will see a monitor with a Cable Controller message on its screen. Press F to activate it in Payday 3.

This way, you observe a symbol on it that will co-relate to the switch you need to flip on the maintenance box. This will be random; in our case, it was the white switch. After you convert it, you can head back down to the panel and flip the switch to open the Vault area in Payday 3.

However, you must get the manager or someone high up in the bank company. This way, you can use the manager to unlock the vault and steal the riches. Then, you can escape the building to complete the No Rest for the Wicked mission in Payday 3.

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