Payday 3: No Rest For The Wicked Loud Guide

Time to make a hefty withdrawal from the bank in No Rest for the Wicked.

Being the first heist of Payday 3, going in Loud to rob a small bank in No Rest for the Wicked gives you an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with some of the new gameplay mechanics.

You will be heading to New York City where you must blast your way into a bank vault, loot everything, and then escape with your life.

This heist is not going to be easy. Whether you take on No Rest for the Wicked in Stealth without alerting security or go in Loud with guns blazing, you are going to need a foolproof plan.

Even with a foolproof plan though, newer players may find themselves struggling and are bound to make a mistake or two that forces them to pull out their masks and rifles.

Thus, to make sure everything works out smoothly, we’ll walk you through every step to complete the No Rest for the Wicked heist in Loud.

How to complete No Rest for the Wicked in Loud for Payday 3

As you start the heist, you will spawn outside the bank and without a mask. During this time, you can scout the bank and take note of all the guards and cameras in the area to eliminate any surprises.


At this point, it’s also best to let the whole of New York know that you’re here for the money to eliminate any other surprises. Once that’s done, you can begin your No Rest for the Wicked Heist in Loud for Payday 3.

At standard difficulty, you can find five guards guarding the bank, but their number can increase at higher difficulties. Regardless of whatever difficulty you’re playing at, it would be best to grab the best Payday 3 Loud build to make things easier.

When you close the door behind you, eliminate all the guards inside the bank and grab the civilians. There will be about twenty of them in the bank, and they all will be necessary in the negotiations later on.

Wait for the equipment to drop

Right as the alarms go off and every cop in the city knows what’s up, you’ll be asked to hold out for around two minutes for the equipment drop. At this time, negotiations with the police will start, and you will need to trade hostages for time, hence delaying the inevitable first police assault.

The equipment drops include bags of thermite, the first of which is dropped on the rooftop. You can get to the rooftop either via the stairwell located in the hallway or through the fire escape.

If you have a whole team with you, you can make the job easier by sending off one of the members to grab the thermite while the rest of you try to buy time by trading the hostages.

Place and ignite the thermite

After grabbing the thermite from the rooftop, you can go ahead and throw it on the floor above the bank vault, i.e., the second floor. This room will be marked so it will be easy to locate.

Once the bag is on the floor, you can interact with it to ignite the Thermite and let it melt through the floor. This step is important because once the alarms go off, the keypad on the vault door is locked, which makes this the only way you can access the vault.

Moreover, this process is going to take some time (6 minutes, to be precise), so it’s best to hold your position around the thermite and fight off the first wave of cops.

Lastly, while this single piece of Thermite is enough to handle the floor, two more equipment drops are also made from time to time. We advise you to grab them even if you don’t need them – the reason behind it is explained in the next section.

Prevent the Fire Alarms from setting off

While the Thermite is burning through the floor, the police will try to trigger the fire alarm sprinklers in the bank to stop the Thermite. This is another challenging objective to complete in No Rest for the Wicked Loud heist in Payday 3, especially on higher difficulty.

There are two fire alarms present within this room – one to the right of the Thermite and one to the left. You need to disable both of them.

We would recommend you set your posts at the elevator, staircase, and window because that’s where the cops are going to come in from.

If the cops do manage to trigger the fire alarm, you will need to disable it first. This can be done by interacting with the Cubicle Room’s control panel (2nd floor).

Once that’s done, you will need to grab another bag of thermite from the roof and set the new one in place to continue the process.

The helicopter drops two additional bags of thermite on the rooftop, which is why we advised you to grab the extra ones just in case.

Additionally, you can also add more Thermite to your existing one to speed up the process, which is part of the optional objective – Add thermite to the fire.

However, while you are doing this, be careful not to add more than three bags of Thermite at once, as the heat generated will automatically set the fire alarms off, making all your efforts count for nothing.

Disable the dye packs and loot the vault

When the Thermite is done cutting open a path to the Vault, half of your heist is pretty much complete. All you must do now is get the money and make your escape.

As soon as you enter the money vault though, the dye-pack timers on the money bags set off. There are eight of them in total, each of which is set to go off in 10 seconds.

You must quickly disable these dye packs because if they go off, they will ink the money, which will then be rendered useless.

If you are fast enough, you may be able to save about five or six of the bags. If you’ve got two or more members on your team though, then you can disable all the dye packs in time.

Hence, we strongly recommend bringing a friend in co-op when doing the Payday 3 No Rest for the Wicked heist in Loud. You will be able to disable the dye packs quickly and loot the whole vault. That includes the safety deposit boxes as well.

These deposit boxes are important to find because not only do they give bonus money and jewelry, but they also contain a portfolio of information, which is important to get some extra cash at the end of the heist as well. This is part of the optional objective – Recon.

Moreover, once inside, you best try to get as much money in as little amount of time as possible. This is because enemies start flooding into the vault very quickly and you have very little cover available to protect yourself.

Reach the rendezvous point

When you’re done collecting the cash and handling the police in the bank, it’s time to head over to the rendezvous point. This is out on the street, but we’d advise you to take the back alley via the parking lot to reach it instead of the main gate.

This is because there are snipers stationed that are watching the front door, which can be very dangerous if you’re not careful enough.

Lower the bollards

As soon as you arrive at the street, you’ll notice that the Bollards on the road have risen, preventing the getaway van from arriving. Your next objective will be to lower these Bollards to make way for the getaway van.

You can lower them by interacting with their respective control panel. There are two of them, each located at one end of the street. You need to interact with both, so two people will get the job done much quicker.

Hold out until the getaway van arrives

This is probably the hardest objective to complete in No Rest for the Wicked Loud for Payday 3. When you’re done with lowering the Ballords, you must find a place to hold out and fight off the police until the getaway van arrives.

A good place to hide would be in the area under the scaffolding, which is located on the sidewalk on the street’s left. It would also be a good idea to grab all the money from the bank and place it here so you can make a quick escape.

This is an important step because the police will try to reconstruct the Ballords, which must be prevented at all costs.

If you encounter an FBI assault, know that their van outside has an antenna you can shoot at. If you manage to hit this antenna, you can stop the assault.

Secure the loot and escape

The last objective of this Heist is a pretty easy one. When your getaway van arrives, all you have to do is transfer all the loot you secured into the getaway van and get in.

It is also important to make haste in this step as well, because the Ballords may rise back up if you take too much time.

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