How To Get Undershirt For Cold & Heat Resistance In Palworld

An undershirt a day, keeps the cold & heat away!

Palworld has an open-world map with lots of fun places to visit and countless things to do. Most of these places are easily accessible, but some inflict severe cold and heat effects. You will need to bring weather-resistant armor to survive in these harsh weather conditions.

Luckily, the game has an Undershirt that gives you cold and heat resistance. Here’s how to get both the Thermal (cold-resistant) and the Heat-Resistant Undershirts in Palworld.

Where to get Undershirts in Palworld?

Most of the accessories in Palworld are obtained either from merchants or can be looted from chests in dungeons. Higher power accessories aren’t that easily accessible and will require you to scour areas with tougher surviving conditions and enemies.

The normal Heat Resistant and Thermal Undershirts can be purchased from a merchant in Duneshelter. It is an abandoned town in the middle of Sand Dunes, in the northeastern part of the Palpagos map. You can use a Flying-type Pal to reach there.


Don’t forget to unlock the fast-travel point outside the main entrance of the Duneshelter town. This will make it easier to travel back and forth to this place in the future.

Once you are inside the town, run through the long passage to reach the main courtyard. Here, you will see three merchants; one of them is a Pal Merchant and the other two are Wandering Merchants.

Interact with the Wandering Merchant in the middle, and he will provide you with a Thermal Undershirt and a Heat Resistant Undershirt. The cost for each of these is 1000 gold.

How to get the Thermal Undershirt +2 in Palworld

While the normal versions of Thermal Undershirt and Heat Resistant Undershirt save you from weather conditions, these accessories become inefficient once you reach extremely hot or cold mountains and dungeons. To overcome this, you will have to look for the upgraded variant of Thermal Undershirt (which is +2).

To find Thermal Undershirt +2, you will need to explore the northern snow dungeons of Palworld and open as many chests as you can. You can also try your luck and open random chests in high-level (40+) areas to get the Cold Resistant Undershirt +2.


The best strategy is to wear a Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor along with a Thermal Undershirt +2. This way, you will be ready to face both extremely cold and hot weather in the game.

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