Palworld: Katress Location (& Best Breeding Combos)

Do yourself a favor and have Katress working at your base immediately.

If you’re looking to expand your Paldeck around level 20 in Palworld, then Katress is a great Pal to add to the list! Underestimating this Pal because of its small size is a big mistake. Katress is a Dark Elemental Pal that, despite its small size, absolutely excels in combat – but has other great uses too.

This Pal comes with Lv.2 Handiwork, Lv.2 Medicine Production, and Lv.2 Transporting Work Suitability, which makes it a great companion to have working at your base. Additionally, its Partner Skill, Gremoire Collector also grants bonus drops from Neutral type Pals.

At the starting levels, very few Pals play such a diverse role in your gameplay. All of this makes finding and breeding Katress worth the hassle, and this guide will show exactly how it’s done in Palworld.

Where to find Katress in Palworld?

Katress is a Dark-type Pal, meaning it can only be found at night – specifically in the Moonless Shore and the Verdant Brook areas. These areas are in the center of the map. Alternatively, if you want to find this Pal during the day as well. You will have to fight it as a field boss.

In addition to the aforementioned locations, Katress can also be found as a field Alpha boss at the Sealed Realm of the Invincible (Coordinates: 241, -330). This is on a small island to the south of the map, in between Marsh Island and Fort Ruins.

The closest fast travel point to this location is the Islandhopper Coast FTP. When you get to this Katress location in Palworld, remember that you’ll face a level 23 Alpha boss – we recommend preparing for it beforehand.

Alternatively, you can obtain a Katress for 4120 gold from the Black Marketeer. There isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get said Pal from the merchant though, because his stock is random.

Lastly, you can hatch a Katress from a Large Dark Egg. The Palpagos map is full of Pal eggs, so you won’t find yourself at a loss when looking for your desired egg.

How to breed Katress in Palworld

Like any other Pal, the simplest and easiest way to get a Katress in Palworld is to breed it. To do that, you can try the following combinations:

  • Penking with Celaray
  • Penking with Reindrix
  • Melpaca with Grintale
  • Incineram with Chillet
  • Direhowl with Elizabee
  • Cinnamoth with Dumund
  • Cinnamoth with Mozzarina

Best breeding combos for Katress in Palworld

Once Katress is in your arsenal, it can be used in various breeding combinations to produce useful children pals. Here is an example list that includes the best pal combos you can try in your play:

Parent 1Parent 2Child
KatressPyrinPyrin Noct

Katress weaknesses and stats

Dark elemental Pals are weak against Dragon-type Pals. Hence, Dinossom would greatly help in the fight against this boss.

While encountering Katress, you will first have to beat it until its HP is just low enough to capture it. Make sure not to kill the Pal before you get the chance to catch it though.

Once its HP is low enough, you can simply throw your trusty Pal Sphere at it to capture Katress in Palworld. We recommend using a Mega or a Giga Sphere to increase your chances of capturing the Pal.

If you kill the Pal, however, it has a small chance of dropping a High-Grade Technical Manual. Mostly, the drops you get are Hair and Leather. You can even get a Katress Cap/Hat from killing the Pal.


You can also purchase the Katress Cap Schematic from the Wandering Merchant in Duneshelter.

Katress’s base stats are:

Crafting Speed100
Melee Attacks100
Shot Attack105
Running Speed440
Sprinting Speed620
Slow Walk Speed70
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