How To Farm Leather In Palworld

The best Pals to farm for their hides.

Leather is one of the most useful resources in Palworld and possibly the one resource for which you will be farming through most of the early game.

Leather is needed to craft several essential items like Feed Bags, saddles, and armor. Despite being a common resource, it takes quite a bit of hard work to gather enough leather to craft everything you need.

It can be obtained from several Pals, some of which will drop more leather than others. Knowing which Pals to look for and where they spawn is the key to getting enough leather for your base and equipment.

Use Paldeck

You can use Paldeck to view a load of useful information about Pals. This includes the items they drop and which locations these Pals spawn more commonly.

Select a Pal in your Paldeck screen and click on the Habitat screen to see the locations where they spawn. Also, keep an eye out for their stats as you do not want to engage with higher level Pals if you are under-level for them

Best Pals for farming leather in Palworld

There are close to 30 Pals that can drop leather, but only some of them have a higher spawn and drop rate. We have mentioned the Pals with the highest chance of dropping leather below.

Foxparks will usually spawn in small groups near the Spawn areas and are easier to hunt compared to others. These will drop an average amount of Leather but their frequent spawn rates make them ideal targets to farm in Palworld, especially for beginners.

Similar to Foxparks, Melpaccas also spawn near the usual spawn areas but in larger numbers. They also drop a decent amount of Leather and their large numbers make them an inviting Leather farm target.


Use this opportunity to capture some Pals using Palspheres to help you hunt more Pals

Eikthydeers are slightly higher-level Pals that spawn around level 18 but drop more Leather than the last 2 Pals discussed. These can take a beating so make sure to upgrade your equipment before taking them on.

These are the weakest of the Pals discussed so far but will also drop the least amount of leather. These are only worth farming if your level is still in single digits.

Best farming location for leather

As said before, you can check the spawn areas for all the Pals in your Paldeck. The most efficient strategy to farm leather in Palworld is to pick a spot where multiple Pals who drop leather can spawn.

A good example is Foxparks and Eikthydeers, both of which have a common spawn area in the middle of the map. Or Foxparks and Melpaccas both of which usually spawn around the player spawn areas.

Once you have selected an optimal farming spot, look for a Fast Travel point nearby so you can take the Leather you gather back to your base and wait for more Pals to spawn in that area before fast-traveling back to the farming spot.

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